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Urban Bistro стремится предлагать новаторскую и свежую еду для гурманов в спокойной обстановке. В меню, вдохновленном скорее творчеством, а не устоявшейся кулинарной традицией, есть широкий выбор блюд на любой вкус. Есть в Urban Bistro также и магазин, предлагающий полезные бутерброды и салаты на вынос. Более того, здесь также имеется и кафе, в котором подают органические, экологически выращенные кофе и чай премиум-класса, которые готовит международная команда барист.
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55,15172352 25,09303138
https://www.google.com/maps/place/Urban Bistro/@25.09303138,55.15172352
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    Вс До Чт С 07:30 До 18:00, Пт До Сб С 08:00 До 18:00

    +971 [0] 4 362 4330


    Аль Суфух 2, Джумейра

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  • Amazing experience
    What can you say but amazing, tasty, perfect food. The staff are very attentive it was a nice dining experience. I strongly recommend!
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  • Worth service and food
    The place is a disaster I never been in a place where you get your order twice wrong How difficult to make white omelet well done I had to change mug to a glass because of bad smell The service is so slow and it is ok to wait if it is worth it I don’t recommend it to any one in so bad Thanks Sari
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  • Hangout Spot
    This café happens to be the coolest hangout spot for family friends. It has incredible service, caters to all kinds of taste buds with some really incredible food and also an open library..what else would you want in a café? The seating arrangement is extremely spacious with swanky interiors and one can enjoy their food with the gorgeous view as it has outdoor seating as well. Now coming to what we ordered:- Buckwheat Berry Pancakes with crème- This dish is sure to steal your heart away. Cooked to a sunny golden-brown, these pancakes are a quick indulgence to warm you up for the day ahead. These pancakes are light and fluffy, with just a hint of sweetness, but not too much that you can't still drown them in delicious crème and the combination is nothing less than perfect. Banana and walnut crunch smoothie – A healthy smoothie is never a bad idea during summers and when there’s a banana involved, you know this nutritious smoothie will also be nothing less than scrumptious. It actually stood up to my expectation. Egg Royale with smoked salmon topped on English Muffin – Now this was something I never tried before but the dish was mouth-watering and perfectly spiced to suit my taste buds. It’s a perfect way to kickstart your day by having an Egg Royale. Burger with Cajun Chicken Breast - Crispy seasoned chicken breast, topped with mandatory melted cheese and piled onto soft rolls with onion, lettuce, tomato, and garlic mayo. ... it’s a perfect meal and so huge that you would need nothing else apart from this burger to fill your stomach. This chicken burger is juicy, moist, and flavorful and probably the best dish in the café though every dish is so good that it's literally hard to pick one. Sriracha chicken and soba noodles - Well, I am little obsessed with noodles and with the soft tender but a little spicy chicken, the soba noodles does magic to your taste buds! For desserts we went for coconut pastry and Tiramisu- The Tiramisu was an absolute heaven! Made the classic Italian way it was fluffy, creamy, and full of rich flavor! And I totally get it! There’s just something about that light-as-air yet creamy-rich mascarpone cream, layered with boozy coffee-soaked ladyfingers which simply leaves you craving for more. Overall we cherished the food and the service was also exceptional. I strongly recommend everyone to check out this place for some really appetizing food and as I mentioned earlier, it has an open library, one can also have a good read which enjoying your favorite meal.
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