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Urban Bistro стремится предлагать новаторскую и свежую еду для гурманов в спокойной обстановке. В меню, вдохновленном скорее творчеством, а не устоявшейся кулинарной традицией, есть широкий выбор блюд на любой вкус. Есть в Urban Bistro также и магазин, предлагающий полезные бутерброды и салаты на вынос. Более того, здесь также имеется и кафе, в котором подают органические, экологически выращенные кофе и чай премиум-класса, которые готовит международная команда барист.
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55,15172352 25,09303138 Bistro/@25.09303138,55.15172352
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    Вс До Чт С 07:30 До 18:00, Пт До Сб С 08:00 До 18:00

    +971 [0] 4 362 4330

    Аль Суфух 2, Джумейра

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  • Good start to the day
    I often come here for breakfast or lunch. Dishes are healthy and delicious. It's great for vegans as well as meat eaters. Today I had the veggie brekkie sans eggs: sautéed garlicky spinach, portobello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, avocado, fried potato and toast. The coffee is a little strong for me and they don't serve soya milk, only almond, which curdles I'm hot drinks...the service is great - Mohammed has been looking after me since they opened. The resto has a terrace overlooking a duck pond.
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  • Lunch in Urban
    Food was excellent very healthy and tasty! Smoothies were awesome too. A group of 8 of us went for food and we all left more than satisfied! Would highly recommend
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  • Great Food and Atmosphere
    Breakfasts here are really delicious. They create dishes with flavors you'd never thought of combining and they all work really well. The menu is also really healthy yet hearty and portions are big enough. I also really like the rustic at home feel decor here and the fact that there is no music - there's something really honest about just hearing voices all across the room. I'd highly recommend Urban Bistro for breakfast!
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