Ресторан Pai Thai

Ресторан Pai Thai
Дозвольте човну абра доставити вас на вечерю до ресторану Pai Thai
Ви точно запам'ятаєте вечір у захопливому ресторані Pai Thai, що почнеться з прогулянки на човні абра, яка приведе вас до сучасного ресторану з тайською кухнею. Розміщений у комплексі Мадіна Джумейра (Madinat Jumeirah) ресторан повністю використовує можливості тераси, звідки відкривається чудовий краєвид на канал, і пропонує меню з деякими дуже цікавими версіями знайомих улюблених страв. Подорожуйте човном у красивій спокійній атмосфері та отримайте задоволення від тайської їжі, яка змусить ваші смакові рецептори буквально танцювати від задоволення.
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55,18330716 25,13060013Ресторан Pai Thai/@25.13060013,55.18330716
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  • Pai-Thai
  • Ресторан Pai Thai

    Графік роботи: щодня з 18:30 до 23:30

    Телефон: +971 [0] 4 366 6730

    Адреса: Al Qasr, D94 Jumeira St, Al Sufouh 1

  • 2
  • Al-Nafoorah
  • Ресторан Al Nafoorah

    Графік роботи: щодня з 12:30 до 00:00

    Телефон: +971 [0] 4 319 8088

    Електронна пошта:

    Адреса: The Boulevard, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Al Abraj St, Trade Center 2, Zaa'beel

  • 3
  • Ristorante con terrazza Arboretum
  • Ресторан Arboretum

    Графік роботи: щодня з 06:30 до 23:30

    Телефон: +971 [0] 4 366 6730

    Електронна пошта:

    Адреса: Al Qasr, D94 Jumeira St, Al Sufouh 1

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  • Mesmerizing!
    I rarely provide reviews but this restaurant is a hats-off. The environment is picturesque and calm. Service is attentive, well trained and very efficient; all our requests were met immediately to our satisfaction. Choose the boat transportation as it enhances the experience. Food was amazing, delicious and full of flavors. This place is not cheap and one needs to be prepared for a high bill. I feel booking in advance is a must since the place was fully occupied even it was a regular day. One thing that would like particularly to mention is the fact that we asked - during booking - for a table outdoors with a specific description and our request was met 100%. This attention to detail you don't see it every day and is sth worth mentioning as it positively impressed us. I recommend this - fine dining - restaurant to anyone who wishes to have a thai dinner with food near to perfection in a calm, romantic environment. I look forward to visit Pai Thai again.
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  • Awesome thai food!
    Located in the Jemeirah area, the ambience is simply splendid. Quiet, tranquil, very good service. Everything we tried was excellent, I mean to each his own taste, but Pad Thai delivers great flavors. The only thing I would comment is, we went on Saturday at about 13:30, the speed of putting food on the table was a bit too slow for us. Waiters were also very occupied, it takes quite some time for us to get their attention.
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  • Fist experience in Pai Thai
    I really liked the ambience of the restaurant, just outstanding! The staff are good, they served dishes so quickly we didn't even have to wait. Dishes ordered: Chicken Spring rolls- excellent, tasted truly authentic Purple flower chicken dumplings- was good, but not the type of dish everybody would enjoy Dim Sum selection- the white prawn dumplings were delicious, but the chicken shu mai disappointed me Sun dried crispy beef- simply crunchy and delicious! And not chewy at all! Prawn cake- I would not expect this dish to be in a high-class restaurant, was too plain and simple. Tasted just like regular fried shrimp in bread-crumbs Australian beef in Thai marinade- the beef was ok, not something amazing or bad. Just like regular tender beef. However, the fried balls of sticky rice with sweet and sour sauce were amazing! Creme brûlée- Did not resemble creme brûlée at all! Tasted just like cheese cake with a little bit of burnt sugar on top and looked just like cheesecake. It was not a creme brûlée, but tasted pretty good, the texture was light, soft and creamy like in cheesecake and the cookie crust on the bottom was also good.
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