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Розміщений у кінці власного дерев'яного причалу, що заходить у Арабську затоку, ресторан Pierchic знаходиться в будівлі в арабському стилі із надзвичайним дизайном і величезною терасою. Атмосфера робить Pierchic ідеальним місцем для пар, які приходять сюди на романтичну вечерю. Тут надається перевага водночас простим та сучасним стравам із морепродуктів. Карпаччо з тунця, свіжі устриці та смажений на сковороді морський окунь мають у основі найкращі інгредієнти згідно із сезоном, приготовані за ідеальним рецептом.
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  • Ресторан Pierchic
  • Ресторан Pierchic

    Графік роботи: нд-сб з 13:00 до 23:30

    Телефон: +971 [0] 4 366 6730

    Адреса: Al Qasr, D94 Jumeira St, Al Sufouh 1

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  • Wonderful Dinner on the Pier!
    Had dinner here last night with my wife while staying at the Burg Al Arab. The hotel has a golf cart shuttle that will take you to the front of the pier. We started with the Beef carpaccio and it was delicious. For mains I had the trout and my wife the monk fish. The server suggested additional items a la carte vegetables/starches but we declined....good thing since what came with the main course was enough. If you are a heavy eater you may want additional items. Service was attentive and the ambience was great. Crazy expensive but you probably already know that since you are reading this review and probably have seen the menu online already. There is a bar along the pier (1/2 way to the restaurant) where you can have drinks too! We walked back to the hotel (took about 25 min) and that helped with the digestion!
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  • Good view and food - surprising mobile rule
    We were at the Pierchic a long time ago and wanted to do this as a birthday dinner for my wife again. The concierge organised us a very nice table with excellent view on the Burj al Arab - very nice. The service was very good as well as the food. The wines are very expensive, even for such an location. The food is also high-pricy but worth it. We had seafood and this was very very good. Downside, beside the invoice ;-) was that the people around were always on their phones and did not put it on mute. So you voluntarily have to share all the messages and calls which the guest are getting around you. We told this to the waiter and front desk - the answer was "that is normal in Dubai, we can't do anything" - didn't know that!! I thought that in such an expensive place they do have certain rules - so that all paying guest can enjoy their dinner. It should be possible even these days to shut down the sound effect for the mobile phone for 1-2 hours or at least put it on "just vibrate" - even in Dubai !!
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  • fantastic setting & view
    Upscale location and prices, service is a bit slow and not really discrete, the food was good but we would have expected better quality and some local products - Fish and meat coming from all over the world..
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