Dubai-based Seawings expands services to include private charter flights

16 June, 2016


Private charter flights are now available from Seawings, the premium seaplane operator based in Dubai, with the launch of a new Air Taxi service offering flights from central business and leisure locations throughout the UAE, Oman and Qatar. Seaplanes can provide direct access to city-centre locations thanks to the planes’ ability to land on water. With this unique capability, Seawings has expanded its network of destinations, and air passengers can now experience the convenience and luxury of their own seaplane. Routes for the Air Taxis can be customised, with flyers choosing from 26 landing destinations including regional airports and useful city locations. All seaplanes offer room for nine passengers and preplanned services once the flyer lands for complete luxury and nonstop service. Those who reserve the chartered flights can depart any time of the day, giving passengers unforgettable views from oversize viewing windows.

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