Become Dubai Expert

Play the game and become a Dubai Expert

Welcome to Dubai Expert, our unique, fun and interactive training game designed to help you practise your expert knowledge and skills so you can best sell Dubai.

Playing Dubai Expert will improve your knowledge of the emirate by helping you to learn about all the key attractions and build ‘must-do’ itineraries for visitors. By playing the turn-based card game you’ll learn more about the different types of visitors who come here, why they visit and how to match them to the most suitable attractions.

You’ll also increase your awareness of Dubai’s calendar of exciting annual events and festivals, plus enjoy benefits such as invitations to Dubai tourism events in your region. The game also includes 25 videos, each one offering valuable information and insights about key attractions, areas and activities.

You’ll gain credibility too, once you’ve earned your Dubai Expert certificate and are allowed to use the Dubai Expert logo.

To become a Dubai Expert, you need to get a perfect result in a minimum of 17 missions and view all 25 videos embedded in the game.

To become a Dubai Expert Plus, you need to get a perfect result in a minimum of 27 missions and view all 25 videos embedded in the game, plus answer all 50 timed questions correctly and build 120 attractions in the 3D map.

Once you’ve earned your expert status, you’ll have to come back to the game every two years to complete 20 missions.


  • Dubai Expert works best on Chrome or Firefox browsers
  • The Dubai Expert game will take 2-5 minutes to download, during which time the browser must be kept open. Navigation away will cause the game’s download to pause
  • Any use of a proxy or VPN may disrupt Dubai Expert