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Reviving marine life with Dubai Reef

Learn more about this ambitious new project to enhance coral reef habitats off the coast of Dubai.

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Driving sustainability
with marine biodiversity

About the project

Dubai Reef is an ambitious sustainability initiative to create one of the world’s largest marine reef developments off Dubai's coast. As part of the project, purpose-built artificial reef modules will be installed across 600 square kilometres of seabed over the course of four years, restoring coral habitats, enhancing marine biodiversity and protecting our coastline. The project will simultaneously reduce our carbon footprint by capturing over 7 million tonnes of carbon each year, while boosting the city's green economy.

Environmental goals

Reefs across the world have been impacted by climate change and environmental and human pressures. The installation of artificial modules will help revive the depleted coral reefs in the Arabian Gulf waters, by providing an environment that attracts fish and marine life such as sponges, oysters, crabs, clams and sea urchins. Dubai Reef reflects the city's sustainability efforts and aligns with the strategies of COP28, the UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Dubai in 2023, while supporting Dubai Economic Agenda (D33) and UAE NetZero 2050 goals.

Economic boost

Alongside the environmental benefits, the initiative will advance a new stream of green economy projects, from creating a thriving space for the marine industry to supporting the community of fishermen. It will boost the city's job market and open doors for exciting partnerships, eco-tourism, leisure activities and research opportunities, while emphasising the importance of our rich marine heritage. Dubai Reef is just one of the latest initiatives to drive responsible tourism and increase the city’s positive social impact for citizens, residents and tourists alike.

Core objectives

Find out how our top goals will support Dubai

Dubai Calendar

4 phases

starting from 2024 until 2027


cubic metres of reefs


across Dubai's seabed


artificial reef modules

7 milllion

tonnes of carbon sequestered

Key partners
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