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A global leader in innovation as a hyper-connected pro-business hub between East & West, providing unrivaled access to the world's highest potential economies, Dubai is proven to deliver an efficient, secure and future forward network ecosystem for accelerated growth.

Dubai seeks to consistently be ranked in Top 5 global centres for trade, logistics, tourism and finance and is internationally recognised as the leading financial and trading centre at the heart of the world's Islamic economy.

Thriving industries in a dynamic city

Dubai is revolutionising the energy sector

Charles Blaschke | Founder and Managing Director of Taka Solutions

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Dubai sets to become the happiest city on earth

Dr Aisha bin Bishr | Director General of Smart Dubai Office

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Defining the Future of Transport

Harj Dhaliwal | Managing Director Virgin Hyperloop One

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Cashless future in a global economy

Moussa Beidas | CEO & Co-founder of Bridg

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The Billion Dollar Dubai Start-Up

Magnus Olsson | CEO & Co-founder of Careem

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Building 'Hope' to Land on Mars

Dubai is playing a key role in the region’s first foray into outer space, which is planning to send the first Arab spacecraft on a science mission to Mars by July 2020.

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No address? No problem

Joy Ajlouny | Founder of Fetchr

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Dubai: Tech start-up hub of the Middle East

Now looking to attract tech start-ups and entrepreneurs from around the world, Dubai is transforming into an innovation hub and investing billions of dollars to make this goal a reality.

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The coolest eco-friendly trend taking the desert by storm

Riding the Dunes in Dubai’s Electric Dirt Bikes

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Is Dubai driving the next industrial revolution?

Every industry and sector has benefited from a wave of reinvention and digital revolution. Peek into the city of the future.

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Dubai seemingly burst into existence overnight

Global Gateway | The Evolution of a City | Ep1

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The Rise Of Medical Tourism In Dubai

While Dubai already offers a wide variety of internationally accredited facilities – staffed by 35,000+ healthcare professionals from 110 nationalities – it’s set to up the ante in the run up to 2020.

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Peruvian perfection in the Middle East

Benjamin Wan | Executive Chef of COYA Middle East

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Middle East Coatings Show 09 March - 11 March

Middle East Rail 2019

​Middle East Rail 25 March - 26 March


The Big 5 23 November - 26 November


Gulf Traffic 08 December - 10 December


Gulfood 16 February - 20 February


​Arabian Travel Market 19 April - 22 April


The Hotel Show 14 September - 16 September


China Homelife Dubai 15 December - 17 December


Innovation Arabia 24 February - 26 February


CABSAT 31 March - 02 April


Careers UAE 10 March - 12 March

Dubai International Humanitarian Aid  Development Conference  Exhibition 2019

​Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition 10 March - 12 March


SEAFEX 03 November - 05 November

Business In Dubai

Digitally Disruptive

Dubai: Digitally Disruptive

Dubai has always been at the vanguard of technology


Accessing High Growth Markets

Dubai is proven to deliver an efficient and secure network ecosystem


Post-conference venues

Mingle and experience Dubai after your conference at these five hotspots.

Top 10 reasons to be in Dubai for businesses

Destination innovation

Dubai is pulsing with some cool spaces to be inspired at work


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