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Этот всеми любимый ресторан предлагает ряд популярных пакистанских блюд, например, свежеиспечённые лепёшки наан, а также такие экзотические блюда, как жареные телячьи мозги. Интерьер у ресторана самый обычный, но это нисколько не помешало ему стать культовым среди местных экспатов. Большинство посетителей предпочитают занять столик на улице, чтобы насладиться уличной жизнью Сатвы, но можно расположиться и в главном зале ресторана или же в более тихом зале для тех, кто пришёл с семьёй.
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55,2792203 25,2339105 Restaurant/@25.2339105,55.2792203
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  • Ravi Restaurant

    Вс До Сб С 05:00 До 03:00

    +971 [0] 4 331 5353

    Сатва, Джумейра

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  • Well cooked honest food that's fantastic value for money
    If you're into Pakistani food including tandoori, chicken, lamb, mutton curries, dal.... served in a really business restaurant to people from literally all walks of life including the Pakistani community (always a good sign), Indians, UAE nationals, every European nationality... whoever you can mention. The food is trusted, freshly prepared and there's a high number of waiters, running around between the kitchen and diners, serviing food throughout the day to diners that go there again and again... me for one, I must have eaten in Ravi's over 100 times over the years, literally and never had a problem, it's just the nicest tandoori chicken, roti bread, dal and with a salad, yoghurt and water served as standard with every meal. Total amount for two people is about AED 55.00 not bad!
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  • Great food
    We have tried Ravi´s in other locations around the world and this site met all our expectations. The food offered was all freshly cooked and delicious. It was great to see many Indian nationals eating here. Will definitely visit here again next time we are in Dubai.
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    Located in Al-Satwa, even if it's not easy to go there and go away, the taxi trip deserve it. Super low key, no expectation to be found for service: easy going and super simple. Litterally the best authentic indian/pakistani restaurant in town: I recommend for lunch the Daal dish, Nans, TIkka Chicken, Korma Chicken and Salads. The price are ourtageously affordable: we came back EVERY day during our trip. I SO RECOMMEND THIS PLACE !!!
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