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Theme parks

Hold on tight at Dubai's best rollercoasters

Mon, March 14, 2022

Experience epic twists, turns, spins and loops at Dubai’s famous theme parks.

Experience epic twists, turns, spins and loops at Dubai’s famous theme parks.


Capitol Bullet Train

Capitol Bullet Train in Dubai
Plunge into the world of Panem from mega blockbuster, The Hunger Games, aboard the high-speed, gravity-defying Capitol Bullet Train. Inspired by the journey made by Katniss, this new futuristic half-pipe rollercoaster will take visitors on a heart-stopping adrenaline-spiking ride. Expect plenty of twists and turns as you travel through the Districts on your way to the intimidating Capitol.

The Velociraptor


Dubai’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster, the Velociraptor, is just over one full kilometre of whiplash-fast turns and stomach-plummeting drops, reaching 100km in just 2.5 seconds. Found in the mysterious Lost Valley at IMG Worlds of Adventure, riders will blast past dinosaurs and prehistoric foliage, before taking a turn out into the Dubai desert and then safely pulling back into the docking station.


The Dragon

The Dragon in Dubai
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Head to LEGOLAND Dubai – which also boasts a popular waterpark and themed hotel – to defend the towering Lego King’s Castle aboard a fire-breathing dragon. Based on the popular building blocks alternate universe, The Dragon is a family-friendly coaster that both parents and children will enjoy, with gentle corners and a slanting track, offering just the right amount of thrills for brave little ones.


Spider-Man: Doc Ock's Revenge

Spider-Man: Doc Ock's Revenge in Dubai

Inspired by the blockbuster Marvel superhero film franchise, this frantic rollercoaster will have riders in a twist – literally. The spinning ride takes you on a whirlwind journey across the iconic New York City skyline, as riders follow Spider-Man’s superhero pursuit of the evil Doctor Octopus in the 400m-long track of thrills. Get ready to be swept off your feet.


Smurf Village Express


Who says rollercoasters have to be scary to be fun? The Smurfs’ own version errs on the family-friendly side, with just enough oomph to give young ones the time of their life. Parents will definitely appreciate the more laidback, elevated track ride that takes in views of the Smurf Town Square, farmyards and forests on the leisurely Smurf Village Express.


The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet in Dubai

A round with this comic book-themed rollercoaster will leave you buzzing. Styled after the crime-fighting Green Hornet’s inventive rapid-response cars, this outdoor coaster at MOTIONGATE Dubai twists through a hazardous junk yard. Catch a magnificent birds eye view of the surrounding park at each hill’s peak, before plunging back down the next thrilling drop.


Now You See Me: High Roller

Now You See Me: High Roller in Dubai
Capturing the twists and turns of the movie Now You See Me, this record-breaking ride is a must for those looking to push their limits. The film sees four magicians pull off an imaginative heist, and you'll feel like you deserve a prize if you get through this too. As the world’s fastest single-car spinning rollercoaster, High Roller includes a seven-storey drop and speeds of up to 70km per hour – trust us, the 500m track seems much longer when you're on board!

John Wick: Open Contract

John Wick: Open Contract in Dubai

Based on the blockbuster trilogy, the John Wick rollercoaster is as intense and action-packed as the movie it was inspired by. Fans of the series will instantly recognise the interiors of the Continental Hotel as the scene is set from the start, with the momentum kicking in almost immediately. Expect a G-force strength of up to 2.8Gs at this 4D free flying ride set over a 310m track. Strap in and get ready for the rush.


The Predator at Lost Valley

IMG world

A massive drop at 90 degrees ups the fear factor at this indoor ride in IMG Worlds of Adventure that's based around a journey to the lost land of the dinosaurs. Unlike many other rollercoasters, the biggest thrill here is at the start so the adrenaline rush kicks off from the get-go with plenty of loops and rolls to take your breath away.


Madagascar Mad Pursuit

Motiongate Rollercoaster Madagascar
Take a walk on the wild side as you board the Madagascar express. The ride is based on the popular DreamWorks series, so you'll spot all your favourites including Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and the heroic lion Alex. You'll pick up speed as you twist and turn to evade the clutches of Caption DuBois who is determined to capture the 'Zoosters', but perhaps the biggest surprise is that it all happens in the dark!

The Storm Coaster

You'll be recruited into the world of storm chasing at this indoor rollercoaster at the Dubai Hills Mall. The two-and-a-half minute experience kicks off with an immersive pre-show experience, which introduces you to the pursuit before you are strapped in for non-stop thrills. An epic storm rages all around you as special effects and real-life footage combine. A vertical launch, two inversions, a vertical nose dive and block break add to the twists and turns.
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