Children's guide to the best theme parks in Dubai

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A child's guide to Dubai's theme parks 20200331T151904 20200331T153551:637212657517638126 Theme & Waterparks Which are Dubai's best rides and water slides? In a city built for youthful adventure, no one is better placed to roadtest our theme parks than the kids themselves. Here, we chat to three keen thrill-seekers. Three young insiders give a rundown on Dubai's theme parks

Here’s our guide to the best theme parks and rides in Dubai, curated by three young insiders.

From IMG Worlds of Adventure to Aquaventure waterpark and the trampoline heaven called Bounce, Dubai’s theme parks and waterparks offer plenty of action to those who take their thrills seriously. We asked three adventurers – two young siblings and a teenage student - about their experiences: from the most memorable ride to the scariest spill.


Adrenaline-seeker Charlie Bate (pictured centre above), 16, is an Australian-Canadian student who has been living in Dubai on-and-off for seven years with his family. He gives us the lowdown on Dubai's IMG Worlds of Adventure, one of the world's largest indoor theme parks.

IMG Worlds of Adventure


The attraction I couldn't wait to try was...
The Haunted Hotel.

The scariest attraction and why?
For me, the Haunted Hotel was the scariest ride because of how realistic and horrifying each room was. Even the fastest rollercoaster didn’t scare me: I was more excited than scared.

Most unexpected ride and why?
The most unexpected ride was The Velociraptor rollercoaster. As it was my first time in an indoor theme park, I wasn't expecting much from the rollercoasters there, but this one started indoors with a movie then we quickly ended up upside-down spinning around outside!. It was the most surprising and the best rollercoaster at the park.

Never again going on...
The Thor Thunder Spin. I wouldn't put myself through the sensation of spinning that fast, with my legs dangling in the air ever again. I did it twice in a row and I felt sick to my stomach. But it was a lot of fun.

If I created a ride...
I'd create a virtual reality (VR) centre where you'd be given a headset and a certain amount of space to virtually play a Marvel video game. Playing video games on VR is an experience like no other and it would definitely be unforgettable.

The ride I would go back for?
Haunted Hotel. The killer zombie wouldn't get me this time, I'd make sure of that. Plus, I'd love to see my friends jump and scream from all the ghosts.

Thrill factor


Australian siblings William Stone (pictured left above), 9, and Olivia Stone (pictured right above), 12, have been living in Dubai with their family for five years and attend school in the emirate. Among their favourite theme parks are Wild Wadi, Bounce, and  KidZania.

Wild Wadi

The ride I couldn’t wait to try was...
Tantrum Alley; there's a massive hole on the side at the start of the slide that looks as if it leads onto the road and makes you feel like you’re going to drop over.

The scariest ride was...
William: The Jumeirah Sceirah. It feels like the slide is almost as steep as the Burj Khalifa.
Olivia: Tantrum Alley, because the drop was pretty scary to look down onto.

The most unexpected ride was...
William: The Burj Surj because it feels like a nice family ride and then when you get in, everyone's faces change to fear, almost as if they were watching a horror film. 

I'm never again going on...
William: The Jumeirah Sceirah because it feels like I’m going down into the depths of a bottomless pit.
Olivia: I would actually go on all of them again because they’re all so fun.

Wild Wadi thrill factor
Olivia: 4/5
William: 4.8/5



The ride I couldn’t wait to try was...
The Rapids because it looked bumpy, fast and fun.
Olivia: The Leap of Faith, because I love going on steep rides.

The scariest ride was...
William: The Leap Of Faith, because it's a bit like the Jumeirah Sceirah and is very steep.
Olivia: The Shark Tank, where you slide through a tube and there is sea and sharks around you. I didn't like the small space.

The most unexpected ride was...
William: The Shark Tank because we rode through fish and sharks.
Olivia: The Rapids as I didn’t think it would be so intense.

I'm never again going on...
William: The Leap of Faith because it's super scary.
Olivia: I would go on all of them again, except I would avoid waiting to go on The Leap of Faith until the queue had gone down - it’s so popular.

If I created a ride it would...
Be like The Rapids but even more scary.
Olivia: I would also create a ride like The Rapids as I love getting thrown around by the water.

Thrill factor
Olivia: 3/5
William: 4/5



The job I couldn’t wait to experience was...
Making Coca-Cola, because once you make it you can take it around and drink it.
Olivia: I really wanted to try the baking job because I really like baking, it's one of my passions.

The most unexpected experience was...
Making perfume.
Olivia: I thought the go-karting job was a nice surprise because I never would have thought of that one..

I'm never again trying...
William: Baking cookies - I prefer eating them rather than cooking them.
Olivia: The dentist job, being a dentist must be really boring!

If I could create a job at Kidzania it would be...
William: A sports instructor.
Olivia: Computer animation. I love making my own cartoons.

Thrill factor
Olivia: 3/5
William: 3.2/5



The trampoline I couldn’t wait to try was...
William: The ball pit because it looks fun and you can do flips into it.
Olivia: All of it.

The most unexpected part of Bounce was...
William: The trampolines on the wall were the most unexpected.
Olivia: The basketball area, because I didn’t associate basketball with trampolining.

I'm never again going on...
William: The trampoline outside because I get really sweaty.
Olivia: I would go on everything again as it's all fun.

Thrill factor
Olivia: 5/5
William: 5/5


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