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Top virtual tours of Dubai's landmarks

Wed, May 10, 2023

We're bringing the best of the city into your home, wherever in the world you are.

We're bringing the best of the city into your home, wherever in the world you are.

Admire bird's eye views from Burj Khalifa

dubai stopover guide skyline det
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You may have read the stories and seen the photographs, but the Burj Khalifa always impresses. It's why visitors queue up daily to take in views from the observation deck of one of Dubai's most famous landmarks and, at over 828m, you'll always be treated to awe-inspiring scenes. The tower boasts 160 stories of award-winning design and engineering and, not only is it the tallest building, but also the tallest free-standing structure in the world. Scale up the thrills with virtual views straight from the pinnacle of Burj Khalifa – simply click the play icon on the image above.

Travel in time at Al Fahidi

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A treasure trail of history and art, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is a top destination for tourists in Dubai. Thanks to Dubai 360, you can trek its labyrinth of alleys, framed by walls and architecture prevalent in the mid-19th century to the 1970s. Housed in its modest abodes are vibrant galleries, heritage hubs such as the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, and charming cafes. It's especially popular in winter, but now you can enjoy it year-round from the comfort of your couch.

Explore the world-famous Burj Al Arab

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Didn't know when you'd get to see the Burj Al Arab for yourself? The world-famous hotel has opened its doors virtually, giving you a look into its opulent interiors. Enter the grand lobby, where fountains and plush seating await, continue to the upper levels and galleries and into the rooms. You can even climb up to the helipad, where you can jump on a helicopter and take a video tour of Dubai from the sky – it's your all-access pass to unforgettable views.

Dive into the Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
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Swim with all the mesmerising aquatic animals that call Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo home, without a drop of water on you. You can check out the entire venue virtually, from the giant aquarium that lives at the heart of The Dubai Mall, through the special viewing tunnel and up to the exhibits featuring live alligators, creepy crawlies and more. It's the perfect choice to play spot the shark with the kids at home.

See souks by the Creek

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Once the lifeblood of the city, Dubai's historic creek still thrives with traditional abra boats and larger dhows criss-crossing its waters every day. Most visitors make the time to glide across the Dubai Creek, spending time in the neighbourhood of Deira to visit some of the city's most talked-about souks. The Grand Souk in Al Ras is one of the highlights with rows and rows of small stores selling gifts, novelties and local handicrafts. Venture further and you'll find the famed Gold Souk and Spice Souk – take the time to get lost and discover something new.

Explore the emirate's past at Etihad Museum

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Located in the same site as the Union House – where the national constitution was signed back in 1971 – the Etihad Museum is one of the city's must-see cultural spots. Its design and architecture is heavily inspired by the historic occasion, with seven columns built into the museum as a tribute to the pens that were used to sign the declaration. Take a virtual reality tour through the hallways and learn about Dubai's early beginnings, dating back to the 1970s. Click, rotate and zoom your way through the galleries, and select the 'Info' button in the toolbar for tales about the UAE's founding fathers, the historic Dubai Canal and more.

Live the arts at Alserkal Avenue

Ayyam Gallery in Dubai
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Dubai's art world is expansive and immersive, and now you can find one of its most happening hotspots online. Alserkal Avenue, a creative hub housed in the industrial Al Quoz neighbourhood, renders a selection of its galleries in full 3D glory, just for your viewing pleasure. See the latest exhibitions unveiled at art incubators like Ayyam Gallery, Elmarsa, Lawrie Shabibi and more, as if you're right inside their warehouse-enclosed studios. Get up close to moving artworks, some of which are also available for sale.

Unearth history at Saruq Al-Hadid Museum

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Located in the Shindagha heritage area, there's plenty to discover at Saruq Al-Hadid Archeology Museum. Choose to view photographs, videos and timelapse panoramas that showcase resurrected tools, pottery, fossils and other artefacts from the Iron Age that have been excavated from a remote desert site, once a centre for metalworking three thousand years ago. There's much to explore but see if you can find the historic gold ring that became the design inspiration for the Expo 2020 Dubai logo.

Experience Islamic culture at Grand Mosque

Bur Dubai Grand Mosque in Dubai
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Also known as Grand Bur Dubai Masjid, this mosque is located in the city's heritage area. It also has the tallest minaret in Dubai, measuring 70m and resembling a lighthouse. Visitors can book the Mosque Experience, aimed at boosting awareness of Islamic and Arab culture, and conducted entirely free of charge. Those who want to know what to expect ahead of their visit can watch an informative virtual tour of the Bur Dubai Grand Mosque.

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