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Food & Drink

Get your caffeine fix at Dubai's top 10 coffee shops

Tue, July 13, 2021

Whether it’s a latte you’re after or a double shot of espresso, cafés in Dubai will satisfy your coffee cravings.

Whether it’s a latte you’re after or a double shot of espresso, cafés in Dubai will satisfy your coffee cravings.


% Arabica

Arabica Dubai
Hailing from Japan, concept cafe % Arabica has gained a reputation for serving exceptional coffee. This is a place that prides itself on using the highest quality coffee beans, whether it’s from their own farm, a signature blend or one of the renowned single origin labels from across the globe. Customers are invited to come here and 'see the world through coffee' – a tempting offer that's easy to fulfil, given the extensive beverage selections and coffee know-how of the baristas. Together with latte art champion and head barista Junichi Yamaguchi, CEO Kenneth Shoji has successfully expanded the brand into Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. 

Wild & the Moon

A laidback hub that attracts creative sorts in Alserkal Avenue, Wild & the Moon specialises in raw, earth-to-table cuisine. That same philosophy extends to the split-level cafe’s coffee menu too. The baristas here are well-experienced in whipping up the perfect dairy-free latte, using blends of organic free-trade beans and housemade vegan 'mylk'. The bullet-proof coffee is also a favourite for fitness fans or those following a high-fat, low-carb keto diet, combining a shot of espresso with coconut oil and ghee. Those after a little less caffeine are also catered for, with matcha, chai, lavender and charcoal lattes popular throughout the day’s trade.


Stomping Grounds

There are few trendier places than Stomping Grounds when it comes to breakfast in Dubai – and of course, the highlight here is the coffee, with a whole menu of fragrant brews to try. Each cup is made from premium single origin beans, sourced directly from homegrown craft roasters, Speciality Batch Coffee. For advanced samplings, you can choose your bean, extraction method and type of milk too. Else, go for a signature selection like the Iced Ginger Coffee or sip on a 'microlot', a special bean collection that's picked for its high quality and intense flavour profile. Add to all this a fistful of awards, and there's little doubt as to why this cafe is a perennial neighbourhood favourite!


Jones the Grocer

With several locations across the city, Jones the Grocer taps into the gourmet side of cafe dining. At the café's Emirates Golf Club venue, you can take a seat on the outdoor terrace with views of the greens, while the Sheikh Zayed Road location is popular with families. Wherever you go, the coffee relies on both classics such as espresso and aeropress, and the more experimental nitro done well, with seasonal single origin beans. While lunch and dinner are also on offer, it’s the breakfast menu that sees Jones full every weekend, with favourites such as smashed avocado, king prawn eggs Florentine, and brioche French toast.


Friends Avenue

A pair of young friends put their heads together and came up with this quirky little cafe located in the high-rise Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) neighbourhood. Decorated with greenery, brightly-painted furniture, colourful plates and other homely touches, this family-friendly local spot has a lot of personality. Teetering between hidden gem and too good not to share, Friends Avenue is filled with a very loyal clientele, sipping on a long black or an espresso con panna, with dairy, almond or soy milk. Ask for the barista’s special teddy bear latte art – a favourite on the cafe’s social media accounts.




Dedicated to cultivating the next generation of fresh food innovators, Flow at Jumeirah Emirates Towers focuses on offering seasonal, sharing-style meals. Vegan and gluten-free options are plentiful, with the ‘nourishment laboratory’ aiming to make delicious food, no matter your dietary preferences. Partnering with the Emirati-owned artisan coffee company, The Espresso Lab, this cafe proudly prepares brews made from ethically-sourced beans. Whether you choose the classic Americano or the new-age nitro, the baristas are sure to impress. Ready to try something different? Order your favourite coffee with camel milk.


Tom & Serg


A steady fixture on Dubai’s cafe scene, this cosy roastery is widely regarded as one of the most laidback dining spots in town. Inspired by Melbourne’s independent coffee house culture, it caters to casual drinkers and coffee connoisseurs alike, in a chic, industrial-like open space. Don’t expect to go off-menu at Tom & Serg, with brews created to the owners’ exacting measurements – the signature flat white is served with full-fat milk steamed to 65°C. The large two-floor café is best visited on weekdays, as the family-friendly weekends see the venue’s popularity surge thanks to an all-day breakfast starring fresh ingredients and friendly staff.


Raw Coffee Company


Veterans of the homegrown coffee scene, Raw Coffee Company roasts organic and beans with Fair Trade approval daily in their warehouse roastery. Staffed by award-winning baristas, customers are in good hands as they get to know the roastery. Visitors can take classes on coffee preparation or just enjoy some of the 15 single origins and five unique blends at this speciality space. If you’re on the run, grab one of their 'rocket fuels' to go. The bottle nitro-infused cold brew coffee comes in two strengths, both with floral aromas and a deep chocolatey finish.


Dubai Coffee Museum


With coffee’s rich history rooted in Arabia, there’s no surprise Dubai has an entire museum dedicated to the fragrant drink. Here you will learn all there is to know about the origins of coffee and how it has evolved over the years. This is a must-visit for anybody that is interested in the history of coffee, and its connection to the region. You can cap your visit to the Creek location with a tasting of traditional Arabic gahwa and hard-hitting Turkish coffee at the hip in-house cafe, or choose from nine different brewing methods, including chemex, syphon or kalita-style coffees.


Mokha 1450


Part boutique, part coffee shop, Mokha 1450 is an intimate place with exceptional coffee. With experienced staff who know what they’re talking about, this is a coffee stop best suited for an extended visit, rather than a latte to-go. The impressive and extensive menu covers a huge range of brewing techniques, single origin beans and clever blends, with each item described in detail. Savour original Heirloom Ethiopian Geisha beans, Jamaican Blue Mountain blends and an incredible Yemeni coffee from the Sabri Mountains farmed by a cooperative of female farmers, among many others.

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