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Food & Drink

Where to find authentic Korean food in Dubai

Mon, September 18, 2023

From music to clothing, you'll see Korean influences across Dubai, but what about its food? Discover the city's best Korean restaurants.

From music to clothing, you'll see Korean influences across Dubai, but what about its food? Discover the city's best Korean restaurants.

Smoki Moto

korean restaurant dubai

For an elevated Korean barbecue experience, Smoki Moto on Palm Jumeirah is a wise choice. Found on the popular Palm West Beach, this Seoul-inspired venue serves up premium steaks on state-of-the-art on-table charcoal grills. Smoki Moto is split into different sections, including a butcher shop, lounge, Korean pancake station and the main table grill area. The space also features an expansive terrace, ideal for watching the sunset while the resident DJ spins nu-disco, groove and soulful house music.

Hoe Lee Kow

hoe lee kow korean BBQ dishes

Discover a culinary gem in Dubai's vibrant dining scene - Hoe Lee Kow, located at Dubai Hills Business Park. Renowned chef Reif Othman has crafted an extraordinary Korean BBQ experience with an unconventional twist that is sure to captivate food enthusiasts. Hoe Lee Kow offers a delightful blend of bold flavours and innovative dishes, taking inspiration from Chef Reif's globetrotting adventures and passion for diverse cuisines. As a newcomer to Korean cuisine, Chef Reif presents his own interpretation of Korean BBQ, infusing it with his creative flair.

Seoul Street


Seoul Street (formerly named Kaffe Bloom) has carved out an affectionate reputation in The Greens, benefitting from the area’s strong sense of community. Pitch up for a brew or stay a little longer for dreamy desserts from the Far East – with a particular emphasis on Korean treats. 

Coffee is imported from artisanal roasters across the world and brewed with care. As for the cuisine, discover nostalgic Asian cooking by sampling a bowl of their beef bibimbap, or try a kimchi tuna melt for an extra zing to the beloved snack. Although the menu is compact, strong execution and an intrinsic understanding of ingredients make every dish burst with flavour. 


Kimpo boasts an atmosphere enhanced by neon lights and vibrant graffiti artwork, blending the urban charm of Seoul with the vibrant spirit of Brooklyn in Downtown Dubai. While specialising in fried chicken, or chimaek, Kimpo also offers an array of captivating East-Asian culinary creations.

The menu features notable dishes such as the Korean Bulgogi Sloppy Joe, a fusion of East and West, as well as the Kimpo Pizza, adorned with delectable ingredients like salmon, kimchi mayonnaise, yuzu jelly and sesame seeds, presenting an intriguing combination. The concept revolves around providing simple yet delicious cuisine and delivering unforgettable dining experiences. Sports fans will also be able to enjoy live screenings of games from the comfort of a semi-private booth.


Sonamu is a Korean barbecue restaurant in Deira's Asiana Hotel that offers one of the city’s best hotpots. The eatery is renowned for its authenticity, with diners flocking from all over the city to savour traditional Korean flavours. The glittering golden space impresses with towering ceilings and giant bonsai trees, while several private dining rooms allow for an intimate experience. Looking for something out of the ordinary? From delicious seafood bean paste to mouthwatering kimchi options, you'll find it all here.

Koryo Korean BBQ

Indulge in a guilt-free fast food experience with a wholesome Korean twist. Koryo Korean BBQ offers a superb combination of Korean vegetables and barbecue delights, ensuring that you can savour flavoursome fare without compromising on health. The menu primarily revolves around well-curated combos, presenting a convenient option for on-the-go dining. A must-try is the bibimbap, a delightful ensemble of vegetables crowned with a fried egg. Additionally, seafood enthusiasts can relish in the satisfying pleasure of the barbecue salmon bowl.

Romantic Baka

Located within Al Ghurair Centre in Deira, Romantic Baka is a culinary gem brought to life by the visionary minds behind Dampa Seafood Grill. This restaurant is renowned for its wide selection of Korean delicacies, with a special emphasis on Korean BBQ.

Featuring urban aesthetics such as dangling light bulbs, vibrant neon hues and copper extractor vents, the venue is inspired by the streets of Southeast Asia. Romantic Baka offers an extensive Korean BBQ spread, priced at AED149 for two to three people, including five varieties of meat, unlimited side dishes, a serving of rice and a refillable drink. You can also expect a diverse range of other Korean and South Asian dishes on the menu.


One of Dubai’s best-loved longstanding Korean restaurants, Shogun is a great choice for those who love hotpot and other authentic dishes. Their AED65 unlimited buffet is always a hit, thanks to its wide selection of barbecued meat including chicken feet, heart and liver, plus rib-eye beef, brisket, squid and octopus at a wallet-friendly price. There are outlets in both Dubai Media City and Al Ghurair Centre, Al Rigga, so you can get your kimchi fix on either side of town.


With your own live barbecue in the middle of the table, this interactive restaurant serves its meat and vegetables raw so you can cook them to your liking right in front of you. Alternatively you can opt for the Korean BBQ buffet, tasting your way through a variety of authentic dishes. This no-frills restaurant has been a favourite with Korean diners over the years, so you know you’ll get quality when you go.

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