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Expo 2020 Dubai

Must-visit country pavilions at Expo 2020

Wed, January 26, 2022

Discover immersive cultural experiences and explore the world in one amazing place at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Discover immersive cultural experiences and explore the world in one amazing place at Expo 2020 Dubai.


Take part in sporting fun at Australia

Australia is home to one of the oldest civilisations, and this pavilion pays tribute to the country's heritage with 60,000 years of innovation. Navigate the universe with the world's first astronomers, try Australian-inspired food and drink, or check out live entertainment on the space's main stage. Visitors can also celebrate the country's sporting legacy, with events ranging from cricket tournaments and football matches, to yoga classes and cross-fit sessions.


Reflect on the past at Saudi Arabia

As the second-largest of the Expo pavilions, the Saudi Arabian pavilion is six storeys tall, and offers a glimpse into the kingdom's past, present, and future. Inside, a curved 68m screen will welcome visitors, as they explore the country's ecosystems, and discover cultural landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage sites on an escalator ride. Other attractions include Vision, an art exhibition with a virtual globe that's 30m in diameter.


Marvel at the story of the UAE

As the host country, the UAE has created one of the most iconic and striking-looking pavilions. Built to resemble a falcon in flight, it's spread out over four floors, with exhibitions showcasing the history and the greatest achievements of the country, from constructing the world's tallest building to becoming the first Arab country to reach Mars earlier this year.


Discover the future at Japan

As the host of Expo 2025, Japan is looking to the future at its high-tech pavilion. From the outside, the design is inspired by Japan and the Middle East, with origami and arabesque motifs. Inside, you can discover cutting-edge technologies, including a 360-degree theatre, and a room filled with mist. Even people around the world can experience a virtual tour of the pavilion, using remote-controlled robots.


Make a splash at Hungary

This pavilion's distinctive double-shelled timber structure was inspired by the work of the Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz. Known as the Land of Waters, because it's home to more than 1,300 thermal springs, Hungary is showcasing its aquatic roots at this pavilion, with an immersive 360-degree audiovisual experience.  As well as learning about water, you can also sample several different varieties of the country's famous mineral water.


Reflect at Switzerland

The Swiss pavilion was inspired by Bedouin tents, with a reflective facade and red carpet to welcome visitors. Inside, a rolling carpet of fog will immerse you in displays some of the country's most breathtaking landscapes, and you can also take a tour of Switzerland's urban culture. Upstairs, on the pavilion's roof terrace, guests can enjoy views over the Expo 2020 Dubai site, as well as sample some of the best Swiss chocolate.


Go green at the Netherlands

Aiming to be the most eco-friendly pavilion at the site, the Netherlands' cone-shaped vertical farm, built using only locally-sourced materials, is growing mushrooms throughout the Expo. Once grown, the fungi will be used for everything from being turned into food to helping with construction. The rest of the pavilion is also brimming with sustainable solutions, and have its own climate to protect the cone's ecosystem. 


Enrol and learn at Germany

Learn about Germany's latest innovations at their pavilion, dubbed Campus Germany. Here, you'll be given a cutting-edge name tag that connects to devices throughout the building. Screens will display your name as you approach, with subtitles displayed in the language of your choice. You can take part in classes in The Energy Lab, The Future City Lab, The Biodiversity Lab, and The Culture Lab, before taking a break on the swinging seats at The Graduation Hall or sampling some traditional German dishes.


Explore the forest at Singapore

At this net-zero energy pavilion, visitors might find it difficult it to tell where nature ends and architecture begins. Designed to showcase Singapore's urban innovations, this immersive multi-storey rainforest is powered by a self-sustaining ecosystem, with a hanging garden as well as an undulating landscape. Take a walk through the canopy and discover the Sky Market, where you can learn more about the country and taste some of its diverse cuisine.


Connect with visitors at Russia

One of the most striking Expo pavilions, Russia's giant dome is covered in brightly-coloured tubes. There are also dozens of cameras at the entrance, monitoring visitors using the latest facial recognition technology in order to demonstrate how smart cities of the future might work. Inside the pavilion, visitors will be able to witness a showcase of films, lectures, opera and ballet performances, digital art installations, and much more.

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