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Ramadan shopping malls guide 20200303T112625 20200319T121819:637202170990578494 Shopping Discover what to see and where to shop in the holy month of Ramadan. Celebrate the month of giving with exclusive discounts, events, activities and much more

Discover what to see and where to shop in the holy month of Ramadan. Celebrate the month of giving with exclusive discounts, events, activities and much more

A peaceful period of personal reflection and time spent with family, Ramadan is also a popular time for visitors to explore Dubai. The Emirate is a particularly special place to visit during Ramadan. Tourists get to experience one of the most important events on the Islamic calendar. The malls reflect the sense of occasion, with interiors festively decorated in lush drapes and gold accents. Find all you need to know regarding Ramadan timings and events in our guide.


Shopping mall opening hours

Most major malls continue to operate throughout Ramadan, with extended late-night hours to accommodate those fasting between sunrise and sundown. The majority are open until 1am during the weekdays, extending until 2am on the weekends. Ensure you check individual websites for full details. Some smaller boutiques and locally-owned businesses choose to close during daylight hours and reopen after sunset.

Popular tourist sights are still open to the public, albeit with small modifications and alternative hours. For example, The Dubai Fountain's midday show does not run during Ramadan, however the fountain's spectacular schedule continues as usual after dusk. Visit the websites of specific landmarks you wish to visit to see their Ramadan hours and options. In or outside these malls, remember to follow Ramadan etiquette to cooperate with those fasting. Do not eat or drink in public, except for the areas marked private for those who are not fasting.


Custom collections and gifts

Gifting is a massive part of Ramadan. Each evening of the holy month is celebrated with great pomp and cheer, amid family and friends. In honour of the peak season for occasion shopping, a variety of retailers create one-off Ramadan offerings to meet the season's demand. International fashion brands like Zara, Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY are known to release capsule collections for women and girls. Shop for event-ready kaftans and beautifully printed trousers, skirts and light jackets.

Bloomingdale’s at The Dubai Mall and other departmental stores also curate Ramadan edits to highlight the festive season’s must-have pieces. Retailers offer special deals on popular gifts, handbags, watches, jewellery, perfumes, gourmet dates and electronics. Confectioners and chocolatiers bring sweetness to the month with delicate and delicious creations, perfect for gifting. Forrey & Galland, located in The Dubai Mall, is a treasure trove of exquisitely wrapped chocolates and sweet dates stuffed with treats like marzipan, oranges, and cashew.


Ramadan events at the malls

With extended trading hours and more shoppers visiting after dark, malls make Ramadan an extra-special experience with a line up of events and exhibitions. Visitors can expect to find everything from traditional art and handicrafts to giveaways and special offers, throughout the holy month. Some malls offer even bigger promotions in the run up to Eid Al Fitr, the celebration marking the end of Ramadan.

If you plan to visit The Dubai Mall with your children, treat them to a fun learning experience at Kidzania. Watch them role play doctors, police officers, and firemen, in a replica of a real city, or become an astronaut for a day at the KidZania Space Centre. Access the mall websites to know more about scheduled fireworks displays and cultural performances.

Dining options for non-Muslims

While many fast during daylight hours in Ramadan, there are a multitude of dining options for non-Muslims, children and the elderly. Major malls including The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates continue to operate their food courts during the month from 12pm to closing. All you have to do is ensure that you eat within the discreetly sectioned area dedicated for those who are not fasting. Non-food court restaurants with mall entry open only for Iftar (after sunset) and Suhoor (before sunrise) hours, with the exception of hotel restaurants.

Following the evening call to prayer marking sunset (maghrib), Muslims break their fast and enjoy the Iftar meal with family and friends. Restaurants and cafés within the malls re-open and majority of them offer three or four course set menus at special prices for iftar, in addition to à la carte dining. Look out for iftar coupons and discounts at some of Dubai's prestigious hotels, serving a range of global cuisines and delightful delicacies.


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