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DSF Events


Our Story Begins.

In 1996, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai turned his idea of creating an epic shopping festival into reality based on the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed to position Dubai as a year-round family tourism destination.

Dubai Shopping Festival received 1.6 million visitors in its first year and offered loads of fabulous prizes. Indeed, an amazing way to kick off the festival.



A global Village

By the following year, 3,000 retail outlets registered to participate in the festival, offering unbeatable deals and discounts to shoppers from around the worldWe also launched the Global Village along the banks of Dubai Creek, with international pavilions offering gifts and handicrafts from around the world.



For the Family

Our third festival came with a theme: ‘Children of the World Meet in Dubai’. As expected, families with children flocked to the city. A total of 2.2. million people visitors came to the city.



Bigger and Better

Just before the turn of the century, our theme changed accordingly to ‘The Biggest Family Gathering of the Millenium’.

Families from all over the world had the party of their life as they joined in the citywide celebrations with great fervour at various attractions such as The Smurfs Village, Planet Pepsi and Toy City. In the end, the successful fourth edition of DSF had attracted 2.4 million visitors who spent AED 4.15 billion across various sectors, mainly shopping and entertainment.



A New Millennium for Shopping

The new millenium brought with it a new edition of DSF & the all-encompassing universal slogan : ‘One World. One Family. One Festival’. It was also the year we started to welcome a record numbers of European visitors, making our festival go truly global.



Mums win big

Mums were treated to a special promotion this year, with one lucky mum taking home a prize of US$100,000 in the ‘To Mother With Love’ promotion. For this DSF we raffled away 41 kilos of gold and 31 Rolls Royce cars. This edition attracted 2.55 million visitors, with the total spending climbing to AED 4.50 billion.



Bigger and Better

This year continued to welcome an increase in more shoppers, more shopping and consequently more people exploring our city. We celebrated by upping the stakes in our ever-popular mega raffles: 31 Nissan Patrols, two Lexus cars and AED 200,000 in cash every day, plus 41 kilos of gold were given away as prizes.



Open Late

This was one busy year, as the Night Souq allowed shoppers to shop past normal mall closing hours. A new event, Dubai Fashion 2003, helped position Dubai as one of the fashion capitals in the world, with the biggest names in international fashion and accessories showcasing their latest collections. We also hosted Whitney Houston, Bryan Adams, A. R. Rahman and more than 1,000 international street performers, making for one very busy – and entertaining - festival.



A Stylish New Year

We approached 2004 in style, featuring top fashion houses like Dior, Christian Lacroix, Givenchy and Emanuel Ungaro. A total of AED 5.12 billion was spent by 3.1 million visitors.



Our 10th Birthday

For our milestone 10th anniversary, 3.3 million visitors helped us celebrate the occasion by going on a shopping spree all over our city. Prizes matched the occasion: In the Lexus Mega Raffle, shoppers got the chance to win two luxury cars plus AED 100,000 in cash every day; four villas from Emaar Properties, 100 kilos of gold to one winner in addition to a daily prize of 1 kg gold and, solitaire diamonds.


2006 - 2007

Double the Fun

This time around, we decided to do things a bit differently. Instead of having two editions, we had the longest edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival ever.

You guessed it – that means double the celebrations, double the shopping, double the fun. Adding to the festival atmosphere were other events such as Cirque Du Soleil and the Dubai Balloon Festival. The 45-day long DSF featured mega raffles offering visitors the chance to win 96 Lexus cars, 45 Nissan cars, 45 kilos of gold and massive cash prizes.



Local Meets Global

To keep things fresh, we introduced two new concepts in entertainment this year: ‘Dubai Records’, which highlighted the talents and accomplishments of the city’s residents, and ‘Dubai Fashion’, which attracted top designers from around the world.

3.2 million visitors came to the city for our promotions, sales, attractions and entertainment across the city.



Breaking Records

During our 14th edition we reached a new milestone, introducing two new shopping precincts: The Walk at JBR and the iconic Dubai Mall. We also broke a really sweet world record: the world’s largest dessert buffet (because shopping and food go hand in hand!).



Bring in the Music

Our 15th anniversary was certainly a special one. Street festivities, the Dubai International Jazz Festival and Gulf Bike Festival elevated the city to a full-blown entertainment hub.

This edition attracted 3.5 million visitors with a total spending of AED 10.2 billion.



Big Stars and big spending

Amy Winehouse and Pharrell Williams graced us with their presence during our 16th edition of the festival. A total of AED 15.1 billion was spent across various sectors including shopping and entertainment. In addition to the regular mega raffles, we also gave away AED 3 million worth of prizes in a diamond scratch-and-win promotion.



Dubai at its best

Dubai at its best”, was our 17th edition marketing slogan, and the festival certainly lived up to the theme: we saw a record number of visitors (4.36 million), and the region’s longest synchronized musical fireworks display, extending 6 km over a stretch of area along Dubai Creek.



A focus on Innovation

On our 18th year, innovation took new shapes during Dubai Shopping Festival. Express Fashion aboard Dubai Metro was the region’s first-ever fashion event held on a moving train.

Likewise, we staged the unique Street Catwalk along The Dubai Mall Fountain Promenade and the Midnight Fashion Show featuring models walking as the clock struck midnight.

Perhaps the most dramatic moment came when an Aston Martin landed on a helipad on the Burj Al Arab!



DSF goes vertical

This year, visitors enjoyed the theme ‘Shop at your best’ while participating in a number of unique experiences.

Mind-boggling prizes and 75 percent discounts at over 6,000 shops across 70 malls in Dubai continued to be offered and another year marked another first: the DSF Vertical Catwalk, the first-ever vertical catwalk to scale up the façade of the Burj Khalifa.



The journey continues

We celebrated two decades of shopping under the theme ‘A Journey of Celebrations’. We held over 150 mega events and saw style icons like Giuliana and Bill Rancic and Nicole Richie unveil Celebrity Pop-up Shops in Dubai.

This year’s festival ended with an epic finale. We created the Dubai Celebration Chain, the world’s longest handmade gold chain, which won Dubai a Guinness World Record.



Unwrap the exceptional

During our 21st edition, visitors flocked to the city for unbeatable shopping deals and discounts across 4,000 retail outlets. Adding to the festive atmosphere, we welcomed 200 celebrities including mega stars like Alessandra Ambrosio and gave away AED100 million in prizes across 32 days

Unforgettable highlights included the Hermes Wanderland exhibition at Dubai Fountain, the world’s biggest perfume sampling, street parades at Bastakiya and Downtown and in mall concerts with OMI. 

Unforgettable highlights included the Hermes Wanderland exhibition at Dubai Fountain, the world’s biggest perfume sampling, street parades at Bastakiya and Downtown and in mall concerts with OMI. 



Shop, Win and Celebrate

From mega sales and one-of-a-kind outdoor markets, to a street parade at the world’s first fully-functional 3D printing building and a superstar performance by Jessie J in Mall of the Emirates, the 22nd edition of Dubai Shopping Festival has injected excitement into Dubai's retail scene. The month-long retail therapy event, taking place until 28 January around various locations in Dubai, features mega raffles and offers visitors the chance to win amazing prizes worth up to AED1 million. DSF visitors should be prepared for a world-class, immersive retail experience with amazing shopping deals and memorable fun!