DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai - Jumeirah Beach

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Marina Promenade dapat ditempuh dengan berjalan kaki dari DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai - Jumeirah Beach. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai - Jumeirah Beach juga menyediakan fasilitas kolam renang luar ruangan, sauna dan pantai pribadi. Bangunan yang mewah ini terletak ideal di Dubai Marina. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai - Jumeirah Beach memiliki 110 kamar mewah dilengkapi bermacam macam fasilitas penting untuk memastikan pengunjung memperoleh pengalaman menginap yang memuaskan. Para tamu yang tinggal di hotel dapat menikmati pengalaman bersantap yang unik di restoran yang ada, bertempat ideal untuk mereka yang ini ingin tinggal dekat untuk duduk dan bersantap. Pada malam hari, tamu bisa menikmati minuman di lounge bar yang asik. Dubai International Airport terletak kurang dari 35 menit dengan menggunakan kendaraan dari DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai - Jumeirah Beach. Para staf yang ramah di meja tur dengan senang hati dapat memesankan tiket wisata dan aktivitas lainnya selama kunjungan Anda di Dubai.
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55,127731 25,072241
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  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai - Jumeirah Beach

    12 Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab

    12 Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab by Hilton Hotel Dubai - Jumeirah Beach/@25.072241,55.127731

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  • Uni Emirat Arab,Emirat Dubai,Dubai,Dubai Marina
  • Hotel tepi pantai di area pantai Marina
    Hotel ini terletak di pantai Marina di area Dubai Marina. Kawasan ini sangat ramai karena merupakan pusat bermain dan hiburan khususnya bagi turis dan juga banyak terdapat restoran dan tempat bermain khususnya anak-anak. Desain hotel ini cukup menarik, elegan dan minimalis.
  • Never again
    My first time at this hotel and will be the last. Although I had a spacious suit , had to change it 3 times. First one was at a lower floor facing a construction sight ( so noisy) , second one at higher level but air conditioning was miserable besides several discrepancies at the toilets ,water leak,extreme hot water even not using the heater no way to stand a shower, third suite agishower water has no cooling system , air conditioning stopped in one of the rooms. The worst part and unexpected thing was the STAFF behaviour , Mustafa and Awad from reception were like working in a 1star hotel , they didn't care about guests ( saw a family complaining at reception, I also saw another gust complaining) it took forever to change our suit and when I told Mustafa that this inconvenience will brought to tourism authorities of Dubai , he replied ( in Egyption accent) ( there is no responsibility on the hotel as you know construction noise mentioned in our site). However, George and Ansar were better in dealing with guests. Tried to recover the damaged reputation, my thanks to both of them. Hotel system in payment awful, no coordination between reception members , every one calls u to go down to charge your credit card in daily basis ( as if you would run away without paying,,amazing) My stay in this hotel was sad . Wouldn't do it again. One more thing to add, food from room service , simply worst meals ever.
  • Honouring the staff
    We know Dubai as our second home ...went to almost every hotel in this dream bubble. This hotel is made by the people who receive their visitors as family. The rooms are clean , luxurious , and perfect for all clientele. A super Chef Mr Madi who does everything to satisfy your hunger with all his experience. A super waiter Mr Ankur, who should be by the way running the restaurant, is the perfect host ! Here in this hotel it is the staff who makes you come back! This will become a real attractive place to spend your vacation as soon as the new part of Dubai , namely THE EYE OF DUBAI ,will be finished. But even now. .. a BIG RECOMMENDED place for your stay in Dubai.
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