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Terdapat di kota Dubai, Dubai Marine Beach Resort And Spa menawarkan berbagai fasilitas lebih seperti 3 kolam renang dan akses ke pantai pribadi. Menyediakan kamar ber-AC bintang 5 dan restoran yang trendi. Resor yang modis dan berada di pusat Dubai ini menawarkan beragam fasilitas termasuk parkir valet, lapangan tenis luar ruangan dan check-in/check-out ekspres. Tempat gym bebas digunakan oleh tamu yang berniat untuk berolahraga ketika berwisata. Kamar di Dubai Marine Beach Resort And Spa yang mewah dan dilengkapi dengan TV layar datar, mini bar dan saluran TV kabel/ satelit. Seluruhnya dilengkapi dengan telepon dan brankas di dalam kamar. Pengunjung dari Dubai Marine Beach Resort And Spa dapat melepas lelah di bar yang ada, bertempat strategis untuk mereka yang ingin tinggal disekitar untuk sekedar makan dan minum. Sederetan pilihan tempat makan mudah dijangkau dari resor. Dubai Marine Beach Resort And Spa dapat ditempuh kurang dari 20 menit berjalan kaki dari Jumeirah Beach. The Dubai Mall, Dubai International Financial Centre dan Burj Khalifa letaknya sekitar 20 menit dengan menggunakan kendaraan dari resor ini.
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  • Dubai Marine Beach Resort And Spa

    PO Box 5182, Jumeirah, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab

    PO Box 5182, Jumeirah, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab Marine Beach Resort And Spa/@25.234207,55.262747

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  • Uni Emirat Arab,Emirat Dubai,Dubai,Jumeirah
  • Comfy room but not an ideal location
    We stayed two nights on transit from Europe to Australia. Our main purpose was to go up the Burj Khalifa and relax. The family room was a good size for the four of us and the sofa bed was comfortable for two boys. The main bed was king sized and also comfortable. The pools were great and plenty of beds and shade options are available. Hours are restrictive though between 8am and 7pm. The beach was disappointing, mainly because it is flanked by a major building site and an industrial port. Both were ugly and noisy. The resort is quite isolated but taxis are cheap to get around - especially as it's too hot to walk. We were there in 47deg. Note that marked taxis are cheaper than the unmarked cars that park outside the entrance. Beware that the mosque is directly opposite the resort and the calls to prayer are broadcast very loudly. The 4:20am prayer was especially loud. We were very fortunate to be provided a room at 7am when we arrived rather than have to wait until the advertised 10am early check-in option.
  • My Last Trip 7/14/2017 thru 7/18/2017 Worst ever ever ever!!!!
    Reason no 1; I would have never thought in a million years that I would have a bad experience at this hotel but it happened. I only book my rooms directly with the hotel and I was charged 250 UAE more per night than someone who booked else where. Myself and 4 other co-workers booked our stay at this hotel and I was charged more for my booking. One of my friends brought his kids and had them baby sit one night while they went out. I was denied a babysitter more than likely because I refused to pay 50 UAE per kid per hr (2 kids 3 hrs). They were already asleep at the time of need. So the sitter had to do nothing but stay in the room with them. I was also charged more to stay in the same Junior suite area as my friend and his family. Reason two I am not going back; I was turn away from the club because I am not Indian. The bouncer told me that only Indians were aloud to go into the club or hotel guest. I told him I was hotel guest and he said I was not dressed to go in. So I went back to the room changed my clothes and came back. I was still turned away because I did not look the part. The Spanish club let me in but there was no one there. I went to the Arabic club and got crazy looks from the hostess which made me feel a little uncomfortable. They gave me that look like you don't belong here look and attitude. Reason no 3 I will not go back; The only real fun we had at the hotel was the new feature the Banana boat ride. Me and the fam enjoyed that ride and wanted to do it again. But they rope got caught under the boat and they did not get another one until the day we were leaving the hotel. Also the first three times we stayed at this hotel the private beach water was a nice clear blue water. This time it was a dirty dark blue which the bottom was not clear like before. Reason no 4 and most important. Our flight was changed to an early fight through the booking company we booked with. Normally we would have arrived at the hotel after 11am but due to schedules conflicts we arrived early at the hotel 0600. We get to the front desk and they guy says Oh your super early but normal check in are 3:00pm. But if you want to walk around a bit and come back at 10am I will see if we have something avail for you than. Mine you it was 6am and we had two little boys 3 and 7 whom were tired and wanted to lay down for a bit before we started the day. We can check you in now if you pay an extra 200 UAE now. So without hesitation I said ok, because I wanted my wife and kids to be comfortable. So needless to say, my wife thought that we should not have to pay since we are frequent visitors to this site when we come to Dubai. I complain about that charge and treatment to the management. So they sent me the hotel manager to the front desk who in my mind by his body language he had already made up in his mind that he was not going to change a thing. He told me we already gave you a discount of 30 AUE on the room but they charge me an extra 200 because I was 4 hours early? And the room was already avail for us. So I am feeling some kind away about this hotel but not in a good way. I have stayed at this hotel Once with just the wife and I, and twice with the kids along. And I have never felt like my stay was not important. This time we felt like some unappreciated guest whom over stayed their welcome. When customer service is not the focus of your Management or host than there is a problem with this business.
  • Beautiful hotel
    Stayed in the hotel last week. The hotel is absolutely beautiful . Private beach with many sun beds. Plenty of swimming pools . Breakfast suitable for even the fussiest of people. polite service. Room service very good . The girl that look after our room was outstanding . Her name is Pooja Sood. Very polite young lady with lovely smile . She made our room always spotless. Great service . Strongly recommend the resort but only if you willing to stay within the resort. Taxi to and from Dubai are on expensive side. However there is a bus but you must take a taxi to the station which is about £5 then bus fare is about £6 . There is a shopping mall near by (taxi £3 ) where you can shop and eat. You must go on Safari trip is truly the best and you can book that through the hotel on the day. The hotel is really amazing and everyone is very polite. There is a guest relations desk and the girls working there can help you with any query . Rooms are very quiet to sleep and air conditioning is brilliant. There are 3 table tennis and tennis court too. Staff in kids club is happy and very pleasant . Great stay for sure !
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