Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort & Towers

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Memberikan parkir valet, sauna dan pantai pribadi, Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort & Towers merupakan tempat tinggal yang mewah di Dubai. Tersedia beragam sarana di resor yang modis ini contohnya kolam renang luar ruangan, lapangan squash dan jasa kendaraan shuttle gratis. Resor yang trendi dan berada di pusat Dubai ini menyediakan berbagai fasilitas termasuk pusat kecantikan, layanan kamar 24 jam dan kolam anak-anak. Dengan bermacam pilihan aktivitas menyenangkan yang tersedia seperti selam scuba dan memancing, seluruh keluarga akan senang menginap disini. Setelah seharian berkeliling di area sekitar, Armonia menawarkan tempat yang ideal untuk relaksasi dengan pijat. Setiap kamar yang modis di Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort & Towers ini menyediakan perlengkapan dapur dan mini bar, dan juga sandal dan jubah mandi di dalam kamar mandinya. Seduhlah secangkir minuman hangat dari dalam kamar Anda yang dilengkapi dengan persediaan teh dan kopi secara gratis. Para tamu Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort & Towers dapat merasakan makan pagi di ruang makan setiap pagi. Banyak pilihan tempat wisata kuliner mudah ditemukan di area resor. Obyek wisata yang berlokasi dekat dengan Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort & Towers seperti Horizon Tower, The Walk dan Al Sahab Tower 1. Para staf yang ramah di meja tur dapat memesankan tiket wisata dan aktivitas lainnya selama kunjungan Anda di Dubai.
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  • Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort & Towers

    Al Sufouh Road, Dubai Marina, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab

    Al Sufouh Road, Dubai Marina, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab Jumeirah Beach Resort & Towers/@25.0731239,55.1289711

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  • Laundry
  • Klub malam
  • Penyimpanan koper
  • Parkir valet
  • Fotokopi
  • Pengasuhan bayi
  • Bar
  • Toko
  • Staf multibahasa
  • Fasilitas pernikahan
  • Tersedia ranjang bayi
  • Fasilitas anak
  • Pijat
  • Sauna
  • Layanan perjamuan
  • Layanan antar jemput
  • Lift
  • Taman
  • Keamanan
  • Minibar
  • Fasilitas pertemuan
  • Dilarang merokok
  • Penukaran mata uang
  • Setrika
  • Hewan peliharaan diperbolehkan
  • Check-out cepat
  • Meja resepsionis 24 jam
  • Wi-Fi
  • Parkir
  • Perpustakaan
  • Surat kabar harian
  • Antar jemput ke bandara
  • Pengering rambut
  • Payung pantai
  • Microwave
  • Pusat kebugaran
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  • Filthy hotel with incompetent management
    15 years ago this might have been quite a nice place to stay, but apart from a few of the staff being pleasant the rest of the experience was awful. On entering the room (allegedly luxury room with sea view) , it felt tired and gloomy – the bathroom a hybrid between average hotel and public convenience was dated and dirty, there was a limited sea view through the unwashed windows. I then went to the Bliss lounge for lunch. This beach lounge/bar was much hyped in the hotel website as an Ibiza style chill lounge – to be fair the music was ok but the place was pretty deserted only the Neville and Evonne from Morley type, him in his M&S elasticated waist shorts from circa 1982 and her in an exotic sarong which she probably purloined from the market stalls of Bradford some years past. All of the cushions in the lounge were sun damaged and featured several cigarette burns – all dreadfully tired. The food was nothing special On return to the room I decided to look more closely at the bed as it looked generally crumpled – the duvet cover wasn’t nicely ironed and neither were the sheets but I gave them the benefit of the doubt that this was due to their advanced years. There were two duvets on the bed (God knows why it was 30 degrees outside) the thinner of the two was so old the insides had all disintegrated into congealed lumps and was badly stained – picture attached if you can stomach it – I removed it from the bed I then looked more carefully at the bathroom, apart from the general tiredness of the room some of the tiles had been “re” grouted and extremely badly, the sink surround did not appear recently wiped and there was a half-used miniature of body lotion left on the tray. There was what I thought was a cracked wall tile. I went to reception to return the half bottle of body lotion – they looked at me as if I was asking them to stand on their heads and do the splits Next morning, I went to breakfast, a particularly unappetizing offering pretty bog standard and with some ancient coffee machine. When I returned to the room in the evening the first thing I noticed was that of all the items in the bathroom none of the items had been moved during that day’s cleaning, which meant the sink surface could not have been cleaned, the shower gel bottles that I had used in the morning were still sitting in the tray in the bath although they were empty which meant the bath had not been cleaned at all and I am not certain that it had been cleaned before I moved into the room. On further inspection of the cracked tile, I realized it was in fact a hair of a previous occupant. I returned to reception and listed the complaints I was offered an alternative room (not that the duty manager could be bothered to show the room himself it was obviously beneath him and he called over a porter to escort me) the new room had the same gloomy tired feel and I didn’t see the point in packing my luggage to move from one gloomy room to another, I pointed out that all I wanted was a clean bathroom and the dirty duvet removed. The manager said “Sir, I will arrange some amenities in the room as a gesture of goodwill” - I was going to the ballet and I asked if the bathroom in particular could be cleaned whilst I was out, I was assured this would be done When I arrived back after the ballet, housekeeping had indeed visited the room, the bath had been cleaned and the “amenities” left – these turned out to be a plastic razor and an extra SANITARY bag – I am not sure what that gesture was meant to mean, the hair on the wall was still there Back to reception, complaint number 3, the night manager came to the room and took photos of the offending hair and other issues such as something unpleasant stuck to the tv unit and gave a personal assurance that the room would be thoroughly cleaned, as I was meeting a friend for a drink I said the following morning would be ok The incident in the breakfast room the next morning was quite frankly dreadful. I was ignored when I entered the room that of itself didn’t bother me, I went and made a selection from the buffet and then tried the aged coffee machine only for it to tell me for every button pressed “selected drink not available” I sat down, one waiter in the room was joined by one waitress, they ignored everyone in the room and chose to stand chatting by the entrance desk. After some 10 minutes I approached them and said “sorry to disturb you but can I have a coffee” – the response from the waitress was not “I’m sorry sir, yes of course blah blah blah” but a flat “yes”, she then proceeded to repeat what I had said to four colleagues who all stood in the room looking in my direction and laughing – she then eventually got up and brought the coffee (probably having spit in it first) I spent most of the day at the beach watching the crows peck more of the stuffing out of the extremely old cushions on the sunbeds – these are really disgusting and any hotel would be embarrassed to have them on display when I returned to the room in the evening after it had been cleaned, the hair was still on the wall and the filthy old duvet has been put back on the bed, back to reception complaint number 4, 8.00pm the manager from the previous evening rings to ask if they can come and clean the room – I pointed out that he had given his personal assurance it would have been done in the morning so given their inability to arrange the simplest matter of cleaning it could stay where it was (and its probably still there today) Day 4 of hairgate I’m feeling strangely attached to the hair and wonder if I should pack it as a souvenir Checking out they ask if I enjoyed my stay???? – are they mad???- another manager appears again apologizing and stating all my complaints have been passed further up – presumably so that someone further up can also do absolutely nothing at all to address the horror that is this hotel Overall this is a filthy tired hotel, with depressing gloomy rooms, with dreadful housekeeping and grossly incompetent inadequately trained management, the food is at best mediocre and the general ambience is flat, apart from one or two staff this absolute dump has no merit.
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  • Very old hotel with great beach and outdoor facilities
    For a hotel the caliber of a Sheraton an refurbishment is desperately needed The bathrooms need a major fix up The staff need better training , most can’t speak English The arabic speaking staff offer better service and more knowledgeable and eager to please Overall stay was enjoyable Will go back
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  • Excellent as Always
    We have stayed here many times over the years and every time we stay, we love it. It is located on the beach with large private gardens and the "JBR Walk" is right outside the front door, which is an excellent promenade of Hotels, Cafe's and Restaurants. The Hotel is elegant, rich in decor and furnishings and all the staff are so friendly, helpful and nice. It is really a very well run Hotel and I highly recommend it as the place to stay in this area.
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