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Kelas Hotel ★★★★★
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Hotel yang modis ini berlokasi di sentral Deira dan menawarkan sauna dan kolam renang atap bagi para tamunya. Dapat dicapai dengan sebentar berkendara dari National Bank of Dubai (building) dan memiliki tempat parkir pribadi gratis pada lokasi. Akomodasi ini menawarkan 116 kamar, beberapa di antaranya dengan balkoni pribadi yang memperlihatkan pemandangan kota. Kamar mandinya dilengkapi dengan berbagai perlengkapan, termasuk shower dan sandal. Sun & Sands Downtown Hotel menawarkan kafe yang nyaman di lokasinya. Tempat-tempat menarik yang berlokasi dekat dengan Sun & Sands Downtown Hotel seperti Etisalat Tower 1, Dubai Creek Tower dan Al Ghurair City. Para staf yang siap membantu di meja tur dapat memesankan tiket wisata dan aktivitas lainnya selama kunjungan Anda di Dubai.
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55,3228603 25,2644103
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  • Sun & Sands Downtown Hotel

    Al Rigga Road., Deira, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab

    Al Rigga Road., Deira, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab & Sands Downtown Hotel/@25.2644103,55.3228603

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  • Laundry
  • Parkir valet
  • Layanan antar jemput
  • Spa
  • Keamanan
  • Minibar
  • Setrika
  • Check-out cepat
  • Meja resepsionis 24 jam
  • Parkir
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  • Very Rude Receptionist Staff Annie
    Hi This is my experience in your hotel i checked in dec 20 and i checked out today dec 22 at 9:50am to be exact i approach the reception and inform her that we are checking your filipina receptionist said have a sit and i refuse to sit because im in hurry because i have flight at 12pm. She insisted me to sit and she is telling that we will see in the camera that we are standing is it right to force your guest to sit? Well as far as i know i do have a freedom pf choice whatever the things i will do and she cannot dictate me whatever i want. She said checking out will take time because there is no lpo. She went back office and called someone and complaining to her colleague who make our checked in she said she cannot find our booking while she is in the back office im talking to her that if she cannot find the booking ill send her but she ignore me she keep on talking to the phone and telling that she cannot find the credit cards details so keep on telling her that there is no credit card because i book through agoda instead of finding a way she keep on talking on the telephone instead of coming out from the reception and find a way to make it fast she choose to argue to her colleague in telephone. I cant my help my self to shout so she will listen to me. And she told me no need to shout if i need not shout how can i get her attention while she is busy on the telephone complaining her colleague instead of finding solution and i keep on telling her i will send her the booking confirmation and she said she have it but she told to her colleague that she cannot find the email of my book. Please do an action for this type of staff. She doesnt know how to work professionally maybe we are same nationality thats why she is treating me bad. She really upset me this morning. This kind of staff will make your rate down.
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  • Laughed at because my partner was different nationality than me.
    I'll make it simple. I have lived in the UAE for 28 years, I have been to pretty much most of the hotels over here. We arrived at 7:00pm, tired and just wanted to get a good nights sleep. The man at reception asked me for our ID's, we handed it to them, and were instantly rejected saying "Different nationalities are not allowed". A little confused, I told him this is my wife, he proceeded to laugh at me, and told me that this is Sun & Sands, this is UAE, do you not know the rules? I obviously argued I clearly do know the rules and that he's being completely rude. He even asked for proof of marriage and wanted our marriage certificate.... 30 minutes wait, the manager had to come along and finally personally book us the room. Rika (I think) was her name, the only good thing about that hotel was her, hence the 2 star rating. She apologized and was very understanding. The poor man at reception was there when we checked in at 7:00PM, and was still in the same seat working at 10:30AM when we went to check out. He looked exhausted. A funny thing happened, I actually saw security sprint up to a mans room because a female companion of his joined him in the room and reception was calling him yelling at him that it's not allowed. Table was broken, curtains broken, phone wire broken. Called for ice, waited 1 hour and 45 minutes and called 4-5 times. No coffee, water, hairdryer, slippers, there's pretty much nothing in your room. Blood on my pillow, stained blankets, stained carpet full of burn marks. A word of advice to the hotel. You claim to be following the UAE rules when the UAE is pushing to be more modern, not a single hotel has ever actually asked me for my wedding certificate from the 500+ hotels I have stayed in. You are giving not only yourselves a bad name, but the country too. An absolute disgrace.
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  • Budget good hotel nice location
    i stayed there for 45 days , doing some business in dubai , its not so perfect for ppl who looking for perfectness but it will do the job if you are in budget trip or planing to have long stay in dubai. location is nice between two metro station alriqqa and alitihad , staying that long i liked the ppl even though they are not that friendly .
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