La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie

La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie
Hidangan Lezat Khas Prancis di La Serre

Bertempat di bangunan seperti kubus kaca dua lantai yang menjorok keluar dari Vida Hotel di pusat kota, La Serre menjadi pendatang baru dengan nilai tinggi dalam selera. Tapi jangan salah: bintang tak terbantahkan di sini adalah makanannya.

Chef Izu Ani — yang meraih popularitas di restoran-restoran berbintang Michelin seperti London’s The Square dan La Bastide Saint Antoine Prancis Selatan —menawarkan hidangan khas Prancis-Mediterania yang lezat tiada tara. Di Boulangerie yang ada di bawah, tersaji truffle telur orak-arik dan roti panggang segar untuk sarapan, dan ratatouille gaya Provencal yang atasnya diberi feta dan Camembert panggang dengan roti country untuk makan siang dan makan malam. Di lantai atas di Bistro, menunya lebih formal, dengan sepiring kepiting dan kroket udang, cabai merah panggang dengan mousseline kentang truffle, dan fillet ikan panggang yang dibungkus, semua disajikan di ruang makan putih-putih.

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  • Bistro a pekařství La Serre
  • La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie

    Sen s.d. Mi, Boulangerie; 07.00 - 22.30; Bistro; 19.00 - 23.00

    +971 [0] 4 428 6969 (Bistro); +971 [0] 4 428 6966 (Boulangerie)

    Vida Downtown Hotel, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

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  • A piece of Paris in Dubai
    Nice place, nice ambiance and a really nice view on the boulevard downtown. Service is really good and the staff is friendly and competent. Really goos choice for an upscale dining with friends or for a tête-à-tête with your significant one.
  • Terrible do not ever go there !
    so my husband and I decided to visit this restaurant as it serves late breakfast. we walk in and spoke to someone and we asked to see the menu and while doing so there was a empty table next to us that we were going to seat on. All of a sudden I was about to seat and I suddenly see two women who sneak and steal the table who mind you were already on one and were dinning as well. so we looked at the waiter and said that this table is ours and that he should speak to the two to clarify so. The guy was useless scared to address the women and so I asked for the manager who's name is nenad I believe. explained what happened still didn't want to do anything about it and when we argued and I asked him what would you do if you were in our place ? he answered take another table pointing at the two ladies previous table mind you. I looked at him and told him this was theres and the other options is the hallway basically. He then decided to some up some courage after endless reasoning with him and speak to the two ladies and came back empty handed saying he couldn't do anything. At that time a table right behind ours originally by the window emptied and we decided to seat in it. but you know what I had to do ? the managers job by speaking to those two who's justification to what happened is that they asked for a table transfer before we arrived ! which didn't make any sense because why didn't they move before we came it was empty then too ! the story didn't end there , the manager decided to send us some deserts over to apologize . you know whats funny , he did the same for the other two which were right infant of us ! why bother sending an apology when you don't know where you went wrong ?! I asked for the managers ( who was on vacation then ) card to email him about this incident and how useless his under management is maybe he will put some sense into them by teaching them the basics of restaurants management and how to deal with customers . I have been to many restaurants in Dubai and I know that its a melting pot now when it comes to service and restaurants as you have so many kinds and style but Its one of the most horrible incidents I had to face in Dubai and its shame it takes place in a restaurant prides it self in service and great food and its location. but to be hones a one star dinner would have given me a better experience then this . NEVER AGAIN
  • Best quinoa salad
    We have been several times and we always leave the restaurant happy. The quinoa salad is great also the mocktails. Not very cheap but good quality.
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