Modesh 2020

Our story

You’ve been seeing Modesh pop up to welcome families and point the way towards fun activities and places. Now, learn all about this vibrant personality that embodies the optimistic spirit of Dubai.

  • History of Modesh

  • Meet Modesh

  • Who is Dana?

Explore with Modesh

Modesh loves to show his friends his favourite finds. From cultural sites to exciting eateries and more, here are some of his most popular picks.

  • Modesh and Dana on Huawei themes

  • Modesh’s Eid highlights

  • Win a Modesh Scholarship

  • Visit Modesh Village

  • Modesh’s Favourite Restaurants

  • Modesh World

  • Modesh Kids Activities

  • Modesh’s Favourite Staycation Offers

  • Shop, play and dine at Dubai's best malls

  • Let Modesh and Dana shadow you

See Modesh

Your new friend is making mall appearances and he’s bringing Dana with him too! Mark your diaries with
these details so you can spot both of them across the city.