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Discover Dana 20200409T150412 20200714T204907:637303565479728144 Modesh Dana the inventor is Modesh’s best friend, and like him she is a positive optimist, always looking on the bright side of life. Committed to making the world a better place, this clever scientist is constantly in her lab finding solutions to any problem she encounters. A pioneering spirit who is also a perfectionist, she uses technology to turn imagination into reality and fiction into fact. Dana the inventor’s committed to making the world a better place.

Forever finding solutions

If you’re already friends with Modesh then you’re definitely going to become friends with Dana too. She’s the plucky, clever inventor that’s always by his side, finding solutions to any tricky problems.

Although she loves to explore Dubai too, and you can see her with Modesh during his adventures, Dana is happiest tinkering away in her lab. She is known for constantly thinking up clever ways to make things work better and the future even brighter for everyone.

A scientist at heart, she’s one to focus on the bright side of life. She is always searching for new ideas and wants to share them with her friends. While literally reaching for the stars – she does want to be an astronaut after all – she has her feet firmly on the ground, wanting everyone to live the happiest of lives with everything they could want.

A pioneering spirit, a perfectionist, fiercely inquisitive and imaginative. Don’t you want to join Dana as she uses technology to turn figments of her imagination and fiction into fact?

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