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Meet Modesh 20200409T150412 20200714T210139:637303572998654280 Modesh Learn all about Modhesh, the exciting character who personifies all the wonderful traits of Dubai and is back this year with a brand new attitude. Taking you on an extraordinary journey of imagination, his enthusiasm and zest for life is infectious. This friendly personality welcomes the young and young at heart to the city and shows you the best family-friendly fun it has to offer. Learn all about lovable Modesh

Welcoming families to Dubai

He captures the spirit of this vibrant, joyful city, and that’s why Modesh is so popular with the young and young at heart. He loves to welcome families and show off the best Dubai has to offer, taking friends on a journey across the city on a series of uplifting adventures.

You too could follow in this lovable dreamer’s footsteps, fuelled by curiosity, wonder and the power of imagination. Join him in discovering Dubai, a city filled with beauty both in its people and in its landscape and achievements. Modesh will make the ordinary feel extraordinary.

While constantly moving forward and marvelling at what the human mind and body can achieve, this eternal optimist also celebrates the past and his roots. Brave and curious, he is always eager to learn about everyone and everything and wants to share his own thoughts, feelings and culture with others too. Playful, inspiring and helping turn dreams into reality, Modesh is always on the go and living in the moment. Join him as he sings, jokes, laughs, and dances through life.

His most important values, like kindness and compassion, all stem from his culture. From cherishing close family and friends to protecting his heritage, one thing is for sure – he is happiest when showing the world his highlights of Dubai. He’s extending his hand of friendship to you – take it and you’ll be taken on a fantastical journey filled with wonder.

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