What is the Retirement Visa?

In September 2018, the UAE Cabinet approved a law to provide retired residents over the age of 55 a long-term visa for a period of 5 years, which can be renewed depending on the upkeep of the applicant's eligibility status.

Do I have multiple entry to the UAE?

Yes, as a holder of the retirement visa, you are regarded as a resident of the UAE and therefore are able to leave and enter the UAE at your convenience during the period of 5 years.

Do I have the right to work on this visa?

Yes, holders of this visa are allowed to work as independent workers, advisors, board members, consultants, etc.
Visa application

What are the requirements I must fulfil to apply for the visa?

You can find all the details on our visa information page. Click here to view.

How old do I need to be to apply for the visa?

You must be at least 55 years old to apply for the retirement visa.

Do I require health insurance in order to apply for the visa?

Yes, health insurance is a prerequisite. The insurance must be purchased from an approved health insurance provider. If you wish to explore currently available packages with partner health insurance providers, click here.

What are the financial requirements?

The applicant has to fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Option 1: AED 20,000 (approx. USD 5,500) Monthly Income OR
  • Option 2: AED 1 million (approx. USD 275,000) savings OR
  • Option 3: AED 2 million (approx. USD 550,000) property OR
  • Option 4: A combination of Options 2 and 3 valued at least AED 2 million (approx. USD 550,000)

Do I have to fulfil all three options of income, savings and property?

Fuilfilling just one of the financial criteria will suffice. However, you can also mix the options of savings and property to reach a joint value of AED 2 million.

What are valid ways for me to prove I have AED 20,000 income (approx. USD 5,500) ?

The applicant should provide evidence in the form of a bank statement demonstrating the minimum deposit of AED 20,000 in their account on a monthly basis or what equates to AED 240,000 annually.

What are valid ways for me to prove AED 2 million (approx. USD 550,000) property?

The applicant must provide a Dubai property title deed showing the stipulated AED 2 million value of the property.

Can my house be mortgaged?


When should I buy my health insurance?

Please ensure you have a valid health insurance with UAE coverage by the day of your visa application. In the instance that your application is not accepted, the health insurance providers offer a 30 day refund period after purchase if the insurance is not utilised.

Can my friends, children, colleagues (third party) submit on behalf of me?

At present, third-party submissions will not be accepted. You may submit your application only for yourself and your spouse / children.

How long is the application process?

Once you’ve submitted all documentation, the application process may take up to 15 days.
Health Insurance

Do local health insurance providers cover COVID-19 expenses?

Dependent on the type of health insurance you purchase, some costs related to treatments are included, while tests may not. Please consult your health insurance provider for more information.

I have an international insurance from my home country covering the UAE, can this be used to apply for this Programme?

It's advised that you purchase local health insurance. You will benefit greatly by opting for a local health insurance partner as the overall process for payment and reimbursement for treatments may be faster when compared to international health insurance. Please click here to explore the different options provided specially for this programme.

If my visa application is rejected, how can I get a refund on the upfront payment I made for health insurance?

All the providers recommended on our website will refund health insurance costs if visa applications are rejected and policies remain unused.

Will the health insurance I purchase locally cover me overseas?

Our partners have a wide range of health insurance packages catering to different needs and covering different geographies. International coverage is dependent on the type of health insurance scheme you purchase.
Dependents & Sponsors

Can I sponsor my children on my visa to study in Dubai?

Yes, you are able to sponsor your children on the visa. Boys need to be under the age of 18, while girls can be sponsored until the age of 21. If they are older, they do not qualify as dependents and will therefore need to apply for their own student visa.

Are dependents (spouse and children) required to obtain the medical insurance to receive their visa?

Yes. Any sponsored member of the family must have valid health insurance covering UAE.