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Top 10 thrilling waterpark rides in Dubai

Mon, August 24, 2020

Dubai’s waterparks are famous all over, offering everything from the highest drops in the world to shark-filled adventures.

Dubai’s waterparks are famous all over, offering everything from the highest drops in the world to shark-filled adventures.


Jumeirah Sceirah at Wild Wadi

Completely rebuilt in 2018 to be even longer and more thrilling, Wild Wadi Waterpark's Sceirah – pronounced “scarer” – is the original water-based thrill-ride in Dubai. After a nervous 32m-high climb, the Sceirah plunges two riders through trapdoors into two separate tubes for a full 120m, at speeds of up to 80km/h. It's terrifying, exhilarating and a must-try for serious waterpark fans.

Poseidon’s Revenge at Aquaventure

Closely behind the Sceirah in speed and length is Poseidon’s Revenge at Aquaventure Waterpark in Palm Jumeirah. Standing on a transparent trapdoor, the adrenaline builds to a nervous crescendo as you await the sudden plunge down 116m of twisting, spiralling tubes, which includes a complete 360-degree loop. It's one for the bravehearts.

Leap of Faith at Aquaventure

The Leap of Faith is Aquaventure’s signature waterslide, and regulars will know why. What it gives up in length, it more than makes up for in epic thrills. Starting with a near-vertical drop from almost 30m, brave riders speed down a tunnel that pierces through a shark- and stingray-filled lagoon. A truly wild ride that will see you as close as ever to the sea's greatest predators.

Tantrum Alley at Wild Wadi

One to do in groups, Tantrum Alley sends tube rafts with up to four people hurtling down waterslides and into not one, not two, but three tornadoes, all in quick succession. The ride's spiralling storms toss and spin the tubes around, before sending them splashing out. It's a great way to bond with your best friends as you scream through the storms.

Constrictor at Laguna

More than just a tube slide, the Constrictor at Laguna Waterpark in La Mer is a multi-sensory experience. Plunged into darkness, and propelled through sharp twists and turns, riders also encounter optical illusions and surprises along the way. Your friends can watch you speed through the Constrictor’s coils from the safety of Laguna’s SuperBowl – if they dare to watch.

Mad Racer at Laguna

One of several competition-style racing slides to try in Dubai, Mad Racer pits you against your friends or family members to see who’s the fastest. Speed through a series of ever-faster turns, and see who can master the course and emerge victorious at the end of the day. For more like this, be sure to check out Aquaventure's Slitherine – the world’s first timed double slide within a slide experience.

Wave Rider at LEGOLAND

The Legoland Water Park at Dubai Parks and Resorts is specifically designed for children between the ages of two and 12 years old, and Wave Rider is a great way for young thrill-seekers to get a taste of a high-speed waterslide. Enjoy a 240-foot slide down into the water, all in view of your family and friends – and come back up for more. There are plenty of other fun options around as well.

Master Blasters at Wild Wadi

Take on Master Blasters by yourself or with a friend, and brave a series of water jets that propel your tube uphill and through breathtaking turns and slides. It's a wild aqua rollercoaster ride, with several Master Blasters to choose from at Wild Wadi. Take your pick from the Flying Falls, Wadi Leap, Falcon Fury and Thunder Rapids, or try them all!

Slippery slides at AquaFun

It's a bit different from the other rides on this list, but we feel the whole of AquaFun definitely qualifies. The largest floating waterpark in the region, just off the coast of The Beach opposite JBR, AquaFun is a huge obstacle course made up of inflatable slides, bridges, steps and slides. Falls and spills into the water are pretty much guaranteed. Race your friends but be ready for laughs and red faces as you all slide into the sea.

Slide Racers at LEGOLAND

A kid-friendly take on the conventional water racing ride, Legoland's Slide Racers has six different slides that are perfect for larger groups or families who want to play together. Race down your chosen slide on a mat, and see who’s the fastest – just have someone waiting at the bottom to judge the winner. It's a great ride for little ones who'll no doubt want to return for more.

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