Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing

The Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM) is the newly established body responsible for the branding, promotion and marketing of the emirate of Dubai. DCTCM is dedicated to working with private and public sector tourism and commerce partners to promote Dubai’s position as a leading international business and leisure destination around the world.

DCTCM has a mandate which includes promoting the emirate as a prime destination for tourism, entertainment, and events; promoting the emirate’s credentials for global business, with essential facilities, infrastructure, events and expertise required to facilitate trade; and attracting regional and international businesses to establish offices in the emirate.

DCTCM will continue to establish effective partnerships with public and private sector organisations whose work relates to the tourism and commerce sectors in the emirate and for fostering trade relations with local, regional, and international companies within relevant industries, with a view to increasing inbound travel and trade.

Responsibilities of DCTCM will also include management of representative offices in key markets around the world, whilst actively engaging commercial marketing of the emirate and its tourist facilities, resorts, products and services through advertising, event organisation, festivals, exhibitions, entertainment and commercial shows, social media, digital marketing, and other means of communications.

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