Darine El-Khatib

Darine El-Khatib

Darine El-Khatib is a TV presenter/actress, foodie & broadcasting professional. She is truly an expert in her field and one of the Middle East’s most popular faces. With over 12 years in the broadcasting industry, a vast number of social media followers and an MFA degree from CalArts in Film Directing, Darine has directed and produced more than 600 hours of TV content and currently is the Head of Channel for Fatafeat.

During her time at the channel, Darine has used her extensive knowledge of the local TV market to successfully develop numerous original programming formats and has scouted several of the channel’s most popular celebrity chefs in the past.

More than just an astute TV executive, Darine is also a much-loved and trusted presenter with Arabic viewers and has hosted several successful TV series, one of which is the food travelogue 'My World to You.' Away from TV, Darine has also earned praise for her work on the big screen, with several projects under her belt including the mid-length film Barriers of Time (screened at the Monaco Film Festival) which she directed and produced. She was the lead actress in the feature film Love's Improvisations (screened at the Dubai Film Festival) which earned her a nomination for Best Lead Actress at the London International Film Festival.

Having travelled the world and sampled some of the best gastronomic creations from across the globe, Darine is passionate about food and is arguably one of the region’s most most knowledgeable food TV presenters when it comes to local and international cuisine.
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