The Food Trail to Dubai’s Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems is a celebration of the city’s unsung culinary heroes – your favourite ‘affordable eat’ restaurants that are tucked away from the glitzy dining scene in the city. DFF is the perfect opportunity to wander into the backstreets of the city and explore these curbside eateries that offer cultural diverse foods without a dent on your wallet. From Indian and Pakistani eateries to Iranian bakeries, Lebanese shawarma spots and African cafés, you can enjoy huge sized portions of food at reasonable prices. Thanks to your votes for the Hidden Gems competition, ten of these dining secrets were brought into the limelight out of the list of 50, making it easier for you to experience food that is full on flavour.

For those who are eager to try Dubai’s traditional cuisines – from sweet lokaymat to a plate of flavourful rice such as an Emirati chicken makhboos, look out for the people’s choice of Emirati Hidden Gems as nominated by Zomato and Round Menu. Many of these eateries use recipes that have been handed down to them for generations while others have created contemporary concepts to the meaning of hearty Emirati food. Dine out at these recommended Emirati food spots and explore the various flavours of Emirati cuisine as well as a range of dishes incorporating camel meat or fresh local fish.

Top 10 Citywide Hidden Gems

  • Ka'ak Al Manara
  • Tuk Tuk Thai
  • Desi Adda
  • The Smokin' 9
  • Yakitate
  • The Acai Spot
  • Rasoi Ghar
  • Singapore Deli Café
  • Al Ustad Special Kabab
  • Aroos Damascus 

Top 10 Emirati Hidden Gems

  • Milas Restaurant
  • Zaman Awal
  • Aden Restaurant
  • Al Barza Restaurant & Café
  • Al Jalboot Restaurant
  • Local House
  • Al Gharshoob
  • Bait Al Bahar
  • Local Bites
  • Logma

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