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香水市集 (Perfume Souk)


在德拉 (Deira) 黃金市集 (Gold Souk) 附近的商店閒逛時,您可以享受到芬芳馥郁的茉莉、玫瑰的迷人香氣。香水在阿拉伯文化中十分重要,在數千種香水中,最受愛戴的是從沉香木提煉的沉香精油 (oud)。


香水市集 (Perfume Souk)

在德拉 (Deira) 黃金市集 (Gold Souk) 附近的商店閒逛時,您可以享受到芬芳馥郁的茉莉、玫瑰的迷人香氣。香水在阿拉伯文化中十分重要,在數千種香水中,最受愛戴的是從沉香木提煉的沉香精油 (oud)。

您可以在部分商店製作個人獨一無二的香味-阿拉伯當地人青睞傳統的玫瑰油。如果您拿不定主意,可以詢問店員意見,他們會為您介紹適合您的香味。如果您想多買一些香水,乳香最受歡迎。不要忘記講價——這也是一種樂趣。香水市集 (Perfume Souk)/@25.2708586,55.30033470000001
香水市集 (Perfume Souk) 杜拜思加阿爾加利 (Sikkat al Khali) 55.3003347 25.2708586
  • 香水市集 (Perfume Souk)
  • 香水市集 (Perfume Souk)

    POI Address杜拜思加阿爾加利 (Sikkat al Khali)

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  • Rating Image
    9 十二月 2018
    by HelenMRyan
  • Something to see just to have seen it
    Just for fun. Definitely a tourist trap with people yelling out to you to get you to buy things. But worth a visit to get a break from the more modern part of Dubai. You can let your mind wander, and see all the colors, imagining what it used to be like many years ago.
  • Rating Image
    9 十二月 2018
    by Gary L
  • One for the Senses
    The souks are a great place to visit on both sides of the creek and the cheap water transport makes it easy to go between. We weren't interested in buying spices due to the difficulty in getting them back to Australia but they are definitely worth the visit just for the colour and the aroma. You can also get other items at the souks like fabrics, silks, scarfs, pots and other nick knacks. Buyer beware of the other items, definitely haggle well and low, the quality isn't always great and you will find that out once you bring the items home. Still a fun way to shop through the market style avenues and streets
  • Rating Image
    6 十二月 2018
    by 623AnneS623
  • Mostly for the Experience
    If you are a keen cook looking to buy genuine ingredients this may not be for you. You cannot browse as the shopkeepers are extremely pushy as are the people touring fake watches and bags (they tell you they are fakes). We did buy spices from a shop that was better organised but even after some hard bargaining by my Sudanese friend I probably still paid UK supermarket prices. Time will tell about the next quality of my purchases. There are specialist shops back home where you get friendly service and good advice.


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